Thursday, May 21, 2009

Albuquerque Mom Suffocates Son, Has Second Thoughts, Performs CPR, Changes Mind, Suffocates Him Again, Buries Him in Playground Sand

A poster-mom for the death penalty?

Albuquerque mother charged with killing 3-year-old son and burying him in the playground sand":

A mother playing with her children at a park spotted a little black sneaker sticking out of the sand underneath the playground equipment. Figuring a youngster had lost his shoe, she bent down to pick it up. It was strangely heavy.

She had made a ghastly discovery: a dead little boy, buried in the sand.

For nearly a week, who the toddler was, how he died, and who put him there were a chilling mystery until Thursday, when a drawing of the youngster circulated by police led to the arrest of a young mother on murder charges.

Albuquerque police said Tiffany Toribio, 23, confessed to suffocating her 3-year-old son, Tyruss "Ty" Toribio, as he slept on the climbing gym — a crime so cold-blooded that neighbors struggled to comprehend it, and even veteran officers became choked up ....

The police chief said Toribio told detectives that she suffocated her son in Alvarado Park before dawn on May 13 by putting her hand over his mouth and nose. She said she had second thoughts and performed CPR on the boy, resuscitating him, but reconsidered and smothered him again. Investigators said she then buried him under the climbing gym's hanging bridge, where the body was found two days later.
I'm betting the woman is a registered Democrat and voted for Barack Obama.

The beautiful boy's photo is


Dave said...

Just what, exactly, is the difference between this and the post-natal child murders that Obama has regularly voted for?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Douglas: You write:

"I'm betting this woman is a registered Democrat and voted for Barack Obama."

The AP via Chicago TRIBUNE article you link to hasn't a scrap of evidence to support this crack. Unless you know something the rest of us don't, you are making cracks out of the Andrew Sullivan playbook. Such ugliness and mean spiritedness are not what I have come to expect from you. God knows The One has many dark ugly streaks to him, but trying to link him, however tenuously, to this horror, needs the strongest justification. You have not provided it. Instead, you are writing in the manner of the Daily Kos. "Obama supporters are child murderers." Rubbish. I would bet that when that awful DEATH OF A PRESIDENT movie came out in 2007 with its wish-fantasy that Geo. W. be killed, you were disgusted and maddened. I know I was when that monstrosity was released. Don't you see the similarity in this crack to that movie?

You can do better than this. You HAVE done better. This is a blot on your record, one that reflects badly on your judgment. A great many people, far from insane or corrupt, voted for Obama, and such cracks as this won't make bringing them round to voting for sensible policies any easier. Or are you bucking to be the editorial page editor of the Sacramento BEE?

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

Van Zan said...

It is in my personal experience to have lost a child.

I say this before you seek to assert your asinine sense of moral superiority over everyone who does not share your maniacal political extremism, and your belief that only people who think as you do know how precious life is.

Your political remark at the end of this demonstrates you have lost your sense of reason, Professor. Your rhetorical opportunism is crass and without merit. I didn't think you'd go this low but I am reminded of why I ceased to consider your views as at least worthy of intellectual consideration.


Anonymous said...

You crossed the line with this one.

Dennis said...

Can you just imagine that people who have been name calling anyone who disagrees with them Nazis, bigots, de-humanizing terms, et al, but now are just shocked that it comes home to roost. One wonders why the Left traffics in such terms.
At least those of us who are Conservatives do not try to de-humanize. We may think those on the Left are wrong and find extreme distaste in their argumentation, if one can call it that, but we keep it on a human to human basis.
Please, the left is where death of those who do not fit the mold they envision is their motto. Let us consider some of the diatribes still being used to destroy Palin, Prejan or any woman who dare speak heresy to leftist dogma. Oh, I know for the Left it is just good clean fun to wish those that disagree with you harm or death. Such a funny joke! HAHAHA.
Is not late term abortion a tenet of the Left? Is not abortion at anytime a tenet of the left? And the left in this case will find a justifcation for infanticide. Poor mother was having a bad day.
Is it not a tenet of the Left to de-humanize those who disagree with them. De-humanization, such as "Fetus", et al, is the first step to justifying the killing of that supposed non human. The sad part is that I could go on for pages about the left's fascination with someone else s death.
I think the left does protest too much when they have to look at their own reflection in the mirror. It is not a pretty sight.

Fulc_ said...

Hey guys, I bet this family is Republican.

long island gal said...

a person like this mother really needs a very big help and must suffer the consequences of her act. what she did was a total big mistake that involves her only son. i am also a mother of a three year old son and i can't barely imagine myself doing it