Saturday, May 23, 2009

Full Metal Saturday: Marisa Miller

It's time again for Full Metal Saturday! I'd like to begin this entry with a dedication to Amy Proctor and Cassandra at Villainous Company. These two beautiful blogging friends have reminded me that it's fine and dandy to enjoy the eye candy, but Rule 5 bloggers must also respect both women and their dignity!

And with that, let me present this week's lovely lady, SoCal's own Marisa Miller. As readers can see, Marisa's featured on
the latest cover of Shape (and her homepage is NSFW!):

I remember recently seeing Marisa at TigerHawk's blog. He links to Sports Illustrated's 2008 Swimsuit Gallery, where Marisa is featured.

Checking around the web, Saber Point's getting in
some Rule 5 hotness with Kim Kardashian." Also, TrogloPundit's wholesome milk-drinking showcase of Danica Patrick will rev every guy's motor!

Plus, don't miss my friend
Dana at CSPT, and his entry this week, "Rule 5 Blogging." And Private Pigg directs us to Maxim's Not 100 for 2009! Jimmie Bise has got some babe blogging going on, "It’s FMJRA Saturday."

On the ladies' side, Suzanna Logan fills us up with some
Adriana Lima hotness. (Suzanna introduced us to Becky Brindle last week).

And Pundette's got a "
Saturday Linkfest." She's joined by Carol at No Sheeples Here!, who goes all out with, a "Memorial Day Weekend Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around." I don't see any beefcake this week, but I'm linking to Fausta’s Blog anway!

See also,
Jordan at Generation Patriot. The Classical Liberal gets hot with, "Hayden Panettiere Presents Rule 5 Saturday!" And Paco Enterprise's got the global goods, with "Rule 5 Goes International!" Plus, The Daley Gator's got, "Saturday full metal jacket reach around."

Always smokin' is GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD, especially today's examination of "California - Rest in Peace!"

And don't forget to go to the "source," Smitty at The Other McCain! He's stoked Technorati's functioning adequately in, "Finally, My Joy Returns. Ahhhh!"

If you missed it, check out my steaming entry last week, "
Full Metal Saturday: Jessica Simpson." And here's the obligatory link to Glenn Reynolds!

Exit quote for the day: "Call me when “conservatives” are ready to get serious. Because as it stands, our high-traffic spokespeople seem content to play by the left’s rules while humping each other for traffic."


Fausta said...


Dave said...

Marissa Miller: "The six firming rules I swear buy."

I haven't even read the article, but I'm willing to guess rule #1 is just walking into a room with guys present.

LOL-She could literally put the makers of Viagra out of business all by herself.



AmPowerBlog said...

You're welcoms, Fausta!

AmPowerBlog said...

Oh, Dave ...!

I read it. She'll have a hamburger, but not every day of the week. What a beauty!

Dave said...

Dr. D,

LOL-Actually, I was thinking more of sausages than burgers-oh hell, never mind.

As my cousin Bubba would say, "Da-yem, she is one fiiiiiiine girl!"


Cassandra said...

She's lovely, Donald :p