Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Schwarzenegger's Election Day Junket to Washington!

I'm just waiting for the polls to close. I'm hoping to get a post up on the defeat of the Schwarzenegger tax initiatives. I just found this Photoshop, via W.C. Varones and Michelle Malkin, so I thought I'd share in the meantime:

Voters just aren't in the mood, in any case, and neither is The Taxinator!

Here's a few stories until I post some election results:

* "Schwarzenegger has tough time selling ballot props."

* "
California polling stations see light turnout."

* "Schwarzenegger heads to D.C. for Election Day."

* "Schwarzenegger defends trip to Washington on election day."

Check back a little later ...


Dave said...

Some "Terminator" Ahnold turned out to be.

Hell, he can't even terminate a little fat in a state budget.

Toast, he will be.


AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Dave ...