Friday, May 29, 2009

Male Prom Queen is Rage at Fairfax High

From KABC-TV Los Angeles, "Male Teen Wins Prom Queen at Fairfax High:

For many high school students, being openly gay can be a long walk down a lonely hallway. But for Sergio Garcia, it helped him earn a title high school students dream about: Prom queen.

The high school senior was one of 10 students seeking the tiara, and as would be expected the other nine were all female.

Garcia didn't let that faze him. "It suits my personality the most, you know. Deep down inside I feel like I am obviously very feminine. I feel like it was something that was meant for me. Like I'm a queen," Garcia said

No doubt RepMasterBarebacker3 approves!

To each his own, you know! Or her own? Oh just forget it!

And where ARE my knitting needles anyway!


Rusty Walker said...

Sad. Are we becoming Ancient Greece...Rome? This is not the America that I grew with in the 50s when it was a treasured given that men and women married – had a family, if possible. We lived the American dream. Adam and Steve could co-exist, but, it didn’t mean changing the definition of marriage and time honored high school King and Queen, to prove we were open minded. Sometimes I think Hollywood and the liberal press, supported by leftist politicians, the closeted tenured-communist-college professors won, by being cooler than us. Carter was once a president, and was not re-elected. McGovern wasn’t elected, and I realize, the busy, working Americans will stir, wake up, and not let this go on!

Anonymous said...

Gay men may be "queens" if they like, but they are NOT women. So why didn't he run for prom king instead of undercutting all the girls and winding up with a male in both slots? The students can vote for whomever they like, but doesn't seem fair.

rbosque said...