Friday, May 29, 2009

Reporter Carried Away From Air Force One

Here's the video from KABC-TV Los Angeles on Brenda Lee, who was carried away, "kicking and screaming," from President Obama and Air Force One yesterday. Ms. Lee is apparently a credentialed journalist. She was insisting on giving Obama a letter in person, even after Secret Service officers said they would deliver it for her.

It turns out that Ms. Lee "wanted to hand Obama a letter urging him 'to take a stand for traditional marriage'." While she may be a bit kooky, I can see why the Secret Service carted her off: Can't be talkin' 'bout gay marriage now! Maybe Pam Spaulding will be attacking Ms. Lee as a "Dominionists"!

There's commentary on this at

See also, "Oh, Lawd!: Reporter Dragged Away At Obama Landing."

Video Credit: KABC-TV Los Angeles "
Reporter Carried Away From Air Force One."


Dave said...

Its a good thing for Brenda Lee that the Obamanistas haven't gotten around to building the gulags.