Monday, May 18, 2009

Tax-and-Spend Hits Brick Wall in California

Gay Patriot's got a report from yesterday's Westwood Tea Party protest:

Turnout was light, similar to Pasadena's May Day 1st Tea Party "anti-socialism" rally.

No matter, the anti-tax message is resonating with the people. The Los Angeles Times reports that Governor Schwarzenegger made a last-ditch effort yesterday to build support for Tuesday's slate of tax-initiatives. The ballot measures are expected to fail:

The sheer complexity of the ballot measures was only one of the reasons that polls showed most of them lagging among voters likely to cast ballots. With employment and savings plummeting, voters forced to tighten their own belts were responding angrily to a demand from state officials for more money. And many voters appear to be throwing up their hands at the constant call to the polls.
We'll see the real action in what happens on Wednesday.

Schwarzenegger has warned of a $21 billion state deficit and massive cuts in programs. The lead editorial at this morning's Wall Street Journal has an analysis, "
California Reckoning: Tax and Spend Governance May Finally Hit the Wall."

California politicians have operated for years as if the purpose of government is not to provide reliable public services at low cost, but to feed public employee unions. Sacramento also needs to rethink its highly progressive antigrowth tax code, where the tax rates are the highest outside of New York City. The Golden State now ranks worst or second worst on most ratings of state business climate. This drives away entrepreneurs and high-income taxpayers, which in turn leads to lower revenues.

If the voters do reject these false fixes, there will be wails of despair in Sacramento. Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, who never saw a spending or tax increase she didn't like, says "California, frankly, is going to be in a world of hurt." Mr. Schwarzenegger says he will be forced to release 30,000 criminals from jail, and to lay off teachers, troopers and firefighters. Look for the state to ask Washington for another bailout "stimulus."

But voter rejection may be precisely the jolt of reality that California needs to inspire real reform.
California's a national trendsetter. So, look out Washington!

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The Vegas Art Guy said...

IS going to BE? So where are they now? A village of pain?


Dave said...

Ahhnold may very well be a republican, but he is certainly no conservative.

If he were, then he would be proposing meaningful cuts in government, and not scaring the population with threatened cuts in fire protection and police.