Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama's Plan for the Destruction of Israel

The title is ominious: "U.S. Presses Israel to End Expansion of Settlements; Bush Pact Complicates Issue." But when you dig down into it, the facts indicate that the settlements aren't the issue. What we're seeing is the Obama administration's plan for the destruction of Israel.

According to
Carl in Jerusalem, the "secret" pact in question is the set of guarantees made by the George W. Bush administration holding "that Israel would be allowed to keep the large 'settlement blocs' in any 'final status' agreement with the 'Palestinians'."

But now President Obama is determined to abandon established U.S. policy to push a "peace" plan that would not only rescind previous guarantees to the Jewish state, but would privilege Palestinian interests above those of the Israeli people. The settlement issue is a smokescreen: "
Settlements are not the reason that the diplomatic process failed ... Even when Israel evacuated swathes of land, terrorism continued. Even when we uprooted communities, all we got in return was 'Hamastan'." No, Washington now seeks an accommodation with Israel that would eventually deprive Jerusalem of its historic right to exist. And Israel-bashers are twirling their mustaches with glee.

Caroline Glick notes, with respect to both Palestine and the Iranian threat:

BY MAKING the achievement of the unachievable goal of making peace between Israel and the Palestinians through the establishment of a Palestinian terror state the centerpiece of his Middle East agenda, Obama is able to cast Israel as the region's villain. This aim is reflected in the administration's intensifying pressure on Israel to destroy Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.

In portraying Jews who live in mobile homes on barren hilltops in Judea and Samaria - rather than Iranian mullahs who test ballistic missile while enriching uranium and inciting genocide - as the greatest obstacle to peace, the Obama administration not only seeks to deflect attention away from its refusal to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is also setting Israel up as the fall guy who it will blame after Iran emerges as a nuclear power.

Obama's intention to unveil his Middle East peace plan in the course of his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo on June 4, like his decision to opt out of visiting Israel in favor of visiting a Nazi death camp, make it clear that he does not perceive Israel as a vital ally, or even as a partner in the peace process he wishes to initiate. Israeli officials were not consulted about his plan. Then, too, from the emerging contours of his plan, it is clear that he will be offering something that no Israeli government can accept.

According to media reports, Obama's plan will require Israel to withdraw its citizens and its military to the indefensible 1949 armistice lines. It will provide for the free immigration of millions of Israel-hating Arabs to the Palestinian state. And it seeks to represent all of this as in accord with Israel's interests by claiming that after Israel renders itself indefensible, all 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (including Iran) will "normalize" their relations with Israel. In short, Obama is using his peace plan to castigate the Netanyahu government as the chief destabilizing force in the region.

During his meeting with Obama, Netanyahu succeeded in evading the policy traps Obama set for him. Netanyahu reserved Israel's right to act independently against Iran and he conceded nothing substantive on the Palestinian issue.

While itself no small achievement, Netanyahu's successful deflection of Obama's provocations is not a sustainable strategy. Already on Tuesday the administration began coercing Israel to toe its line on Iran and the Palestinians by engaging it in joint "working groups."

Then, too, the government's destruction of an outpost community in Judea on Thursday was perceived as Israeli buckling to US pressure. And it doubtlessly raised expectations for further expulsions in the near future.
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AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Philippe.

Maybe he thinks he's being "evenhanded." The result is the same.

Peg C. said...

And Jews voted overwhelmingly for Obama. I believe it's been stated that American Jews really are not on Israel's side. But then Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Obama also, the most pro-abortion politician ever to make it to the WH.

Things that make your head spin. Logic and rationality really flew the coop when this dangerous Marxist con artist hit the national stage.

Tom the Redhunter said...

I don't think that Obama affirmatively wants to destroy Israel, rather that his policies are naive enough that that may be their effect.

I guess it works out the same in the end though

Carolyn Glick is the best journalist in Israel. Her columns in the Jerusalem Post are a must-read.

Dave said...

If Obama is an "apostate" Muslim, then I am the Sheik of Araby.

The Israeli people had best be thankful for Netanyahu. If Olmert were still running things, they would be even deeper doo-doo than they are now.

I wonder if anybody has bothered to mention to the One that should Israel surrender all that land to purchase "peace" (they'll get war) they will not have sufficient space to defend themselves conventionally.