Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Majority of Americans Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage

Well, I guess all of my blogging on gay rights hasn't been in vain!

Here's this from Gallup, "
Majority of Americans Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage":

Americans' views on same-sex marriage have essentially stayed the same in the past year, with a majority of 57% opposed to granting such marriages legal status and 40% in favor of doing so ....

The lack of change in public opinion on same-sex marriage seen in the new USA Today/Gallup poll occurs in an environment in which an increasing number of states have taken steps to legalize such unions. Same-sex marriages are now legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and Iowa, and will be legal in Vermont in September.

On Tuesday, California's Supreme Court refused to add that state to the list, by upholding the Proposition 8 referendum, approved by voters, that banned same-sex marriage in the state. The referendum was put on the November 2008 ballot in response to an earlier court decision that allowed same-sex couples to legally marry in California.

Among major demographic or attitudinal subgroups, self-identified liberals show the greatest support for legal gay marriage at 75% in the May 7-10 poll. By contrast, only 19% of conservatives think same-sex marriages should be legally valid.
Check the link for the full report, and also Memeorandum.

There's been some tightening in the numbers, with support for same-sex marriage improving since the 1990s. But by now it's likely that there are few "undecideds" on the choice between gay marriage and civil unions. What we'll likely see in the coming months in an increasingly frantic campaign on the radical left to paint the great majority of Americans as "
Christianists" and "gay-hating Dominionists."

It's just pure hysteria, really. But apocalyptic fearmongering is the last resort for leftists. Be prepared for more unhinged extremism as gay radicals try to cram homosexual licentiousness down the throats of the mainstream majority.

For my recent essay on this, see "
Same-Sex Hate-Seekers."


Anonymous said...

good points, donald. i'm certain it didn't go unnoticed that the court did not abolish the "marriages" that had already taken place in the state. that to me was a bad move. either homosexual marriages are legal and so they're married or homosexual marriages are illegal and so they are NOT married.

this just leaves the door open for an appeal to legalize it - someday. i guarantee this will be used to catapult it to the federal level...

JBW said...

Keep bellowing, dinosaurs. Gay marriage will be legal as soon as enough Christianist (go nuts about that appellation, Don) wingnuts die off.

This is the future of the United States, ladies. Sorry if that interferes with your homophobic itinerary but that's the way it goes, ya? Enjoy.