Friday, May 22, 2009

America Owes Germany No Apology for Dresden

There's some discussion online today that's one more reminder why I really dislike the Obama administration. From Pamela Geller, "Obama to Apologize to Germany for WWII." President Obama will visit Dresden during a June European tour that coincides with the D-Day anniversary. The location is significant to any student of World War II. In February 1945, Allied bombers launched Europe's most devasting incendiary air raids on the city. The resulting firestorm killed an estimated 25,000–35,000 people. The Dresden campaign is a key example of "total war" doctrine in an unconditional conflict, and Americans have no reason to apologize.

Pamela cites this passage from Free Republic:

The symbolic significance of a visit to Dresden by the American president — especially one undertaken in connection with a D-Day commemoration in France — may be missed by some Americans, but it is absolutely unmistakable for the German public. For Germans, Dresden is the symbol bar none of German suffering at the hands of the Allies. The city was heavily bombed by British and American air forces in February 1945, toward the end of the war. According to the most recent estimates of professional historians, anywhere from 18,000 to at most 25,000 persons died in the attacks. These numbers come from a historical commission established by the city of Dresden itself. But far higher numbers — ranging into the hundreds of thousands — have long circulated in Germany and beyond. The bombing of Dresden is commonly described as a “war crime” in German discussions.
It's always a cruel oddity to see German nationals criticizing the Western Allies for "war crimes." But be sure to see the remainder of Pamela's essay. She posts photographs from America's military cemeteries in Europe. And she adds, "The total number of Americans buried at the cemeteries above is 104,366 -- a mere fraction of those who died liberating Europe -- and yet an American president who confuses arrogance with leadership feels the need to apologize in Europe for the country he obviously holds in contempt."

Pictured: The Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium:

The approach drive at Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium leads to the memorial, a stone structure bearing on its façade a massive American eagle and other sculptures. Within are the chapel, three large wall maps composed of inlaid marbles, marble panels depicting combat and supply activities and other ornamental features. Along the outside of the memorial, 462 names are inscribed on the granite Tablets of the Missing. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified. The façade on the far (north) end that overlooks the burial area bears the insignia, in mosaic, of the major U.S. units that operated in northwest Europe in World War II.

The 90-acre cemetery contains the graves of 5,329 of our military dead, many of whom died in the 1944 Ardennes winter offensive (Battle of the Bulge).
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AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Philippe!

cracker said...

Dr D.

I followed your posted research sources, From Geller's post , to J. Rosenthal's article, to finally Pajamas....via American thinker, and Rosenthal finally discloses his source

"According to an article in the local paper Die Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten,......

The article Rosenthal refers to in "Die Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten,"

says exactly ...."that representatives of the German and American governments met in Dresden last Wednesday to discuss preparations for the visit. An American security detail is reported to have already scoped out sites in the city: presumably for a public speech."

Its all in German, so I copied the article and brought to my neighbor who happens to be ...yup, German.

Rosenthal and Geller,
seem to have inserted and accepted and now purvey that an apology MAY happen.

This is 100% speculation. And weak speculation at that.

The trip is part of a larger journey that includes a stop in Buchenwald, a Death camp that was integral to the extermination of Jews under NAZI policy.

There is NO WAY, President Obama is going to go from commemorating the Holocaust victims in one of the largest, most organized war crimes in modern telling the people of Dresden they were victims too!.....that my friend is straw logic....

I know you dont like the President.... but dammit man! youre a scholar for God sakes.

Cheers (and a little jeer : )

Obi's Sister said...

I'm grateful that my two uncles who were WWII vets were gone by the time Obama was elected. Some of his policies and/or pronouncements would have sent them to an early grave. Soldiers more than anyone understand what a weak CIC means to our enemies.

Apologize? For what? For liberating them from a murderous tyrant intent on world domination?

War is war. Older Germans understand the dreadful sacrifices that had to be made to free the world from evil. Freedom is never won with smooth words or flowers in rifles, but with the blood of patriots. Without any elder warriors to look up to, Obama grew up squishy, without a moral compass, and now, God help us, he is the President.

Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils.General John Stark

Anonymous said...

Intentionally targeting civilians is terrorism. Dresden was a massive terrorist act, in which the US intentionally killed, in one night, more innocent civilians than all the Arab terrorists have killed in the entire 20th century.

Admitting that inarguable fact does nothing to undermine the honor of the overwhelming majority of those who served, nor the rightness of the overall effort.

Anonymous said...
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Dave said...

Given that the British people went through the Blitz, in which the Luftwaffe targeted British civilians intentionally, I have trouble working up much sympathy for the residents of Dresden, Cologne, or any other German city that was heavily bombed by the Allies in that God-awful war.

Adolf Hitler did not actually seize power, he was voted into office by the German people.

Elections have consequences.

What is more, Germany declared war on this country a mere four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Aside from Hitler's decision to try and swallow Russia, declaring war on America just may have been his stupidest decision as Fuhrer.


Anonymous said...
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Rusty Walker said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is pathetic. Obama, God bless him, is not mature enough to realize that he is not Gandhi, or MLK, nor a historian, and does not have a message for the world. This is inappropriate, and, I too, am glad, my dad, a WWII vet, does not have to see his president misunderstand the evil that Germany perpetuated on this world. We, as Americans, should not be apologizing our way into the world’s good graces. Germany should be glad that Eisenhower was president, and not Obama, or, Germans would be speaking Russian right now.

Rusty Walker said...

Correction...Eisenhower was Supreme Commander…got too excited.

Snooper said...

Obama can rot in hell for all I care.

Snooper said...

The post by Anonymous is obviously a brain-dead libtard moron.

Alexander Wolfe said...

Maybe you guys should flip out about stuff Obama does know, he actually does it.

Dave said...

"Maybe you guys should flip out about stuff Obama does know, he actually does it."

We're avoiding the rush. We don't like heavy traffic.


Anonymous said...

I personally do not see how anyone could praise an act for which even Churchill, who no fan of the Germans and hardly a softy, rebuked Arthur Harris. But why should we apologize for the RAF's excesses?

But there is a lesson to be learned from Dresden. I say that instead of patting ourselves on the back for being nothing like those bloodthirsty Huns (who account at least partially for the ancestry of most Americans, and who founded Protestantism), we should read the prophets like the one I get my name from to remember what God has in store for even great nations that descend into depravity.

Also, I think it is possible that Obama wants to apologize to the Germans because he insulted them by calling "Austrian" a language.