Thursday, May 21, 2009

The National Debt Road Trip

You'll get a kick out of this video, "The National Debt Road Trip." Democrats often attack the Bush administration for "turning a surplus into a deficit with tax cuts for the rich and a war for oil." But Barack Obama will "explode" the national debt three times faster George W. Bush:

And check this out, from the original blog post:

In 1994, we voted in a Congress that was remarkably fiscally conservative… so much so that they fought a protracted battle with President Clinton in 1995… trying desperately to get him to agree to a lower budget. The press ripped the Republican Congress (particularly Newt Gingrich) to shreds over it and they ended up conceeding the matter.

On the other side of things, Reagan tried to pass smaller budgets, but the House of Representitives was heavily Democratic and added to his proposed budget until he refused to sign… leading to another government shutdown.

Long story short, the budget is a combined effort of what the president proposes and what the Congress decides, so I thought it was only fair to mention both sides of the equation once the debt really started increasing drastically. This, of course, is only more damning to Bush and Obama, since both of them have (or had) a situation in which their party is in complete control of the government.


Dave said...

The Clinton "surplus" was a liberal lie. It was all based on borrowed money.


Sarge Charlie said...

I will be using this video next Tuesday, I will give you a link.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Sarge!