Saturday, May 16, 2009

Full Metal Saturday: Jessica Simpson

This month's cover story at Vanity Fair features the lovely Jessica Simpson, "The Jessica Question." I've always had a crush on Jessica. And since Robert Stacy McCain stood up for her amid the singer's weight-gain episode, Jessica's story is perfect material for this weekend's "Rule 5" extravaganza!

This is the magazine's cover photo, but see also the slideshow of beautiful Jessica here, "Don’t Mess with Jessica."

And note something interesting from
the article. It turns out that Jessica's natural endowment was a hindrance on her singing the church gospel circuit:

As Jessica’s gospel record was being produced, she toured on the Christian-rock circuit. This interlude is interesting mostly for why and how it ended, which, according to Joe Simpson, was because of those determining factors—her breasts—that made her too sexy for the circuit, causing the male parishioners to lust, distracting them from the divine. It’s part of the story the family (including Jessica) tells about Jessica. Too sexy for church, thus forced from the world of Hallelujah to the world of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
Ooh, the Christian circuit's loss is our gain! And who said Christian men don't love them some breasts?!!

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Oh, wait! No blogger worth his salt would forget the obligatory link to Glenn Reynolds!

Also, I'll be in and out all day, chauffeuring my boys to all of their Saturday activities (math tutoring, art class, and a birthday party!). But please e-mail me with your
Rule 5 posts and I'll add them here in some updates!


UPDATE: I just got an e-mail from Mike at The Classic Liberal. Check out his Rule 5 entry, "Emilie de Ravin Presents Rule 5 Saturday!"

Keep the e-mails coming!


UPDATE II: Pat in Shreveport's got her weekend post up, "Rule 5 Sunday Linkage."


Rusty Walker said...

No conflict at all, as I see it, we on the the religious right find plenty that is divine in Jessica Simpson's breasts!

AmPowerBlog said...

Conservative Christian women are the best, Rusty. I married one!

cracker said...

all things are truly the truly pure.

Cheers fellas

AmPowerBlog said...

Cracker: Jessica's truly pure!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Philippe!