Saturday, May 30, 2009

Amanda Marcotte Freaks on "Reverse Racism"

Reading this, it's easy to see why Amanda Marcotte "resigned" from John Edwards' presidential campaign:

What’s interesting to me about this huge panic attack over Sotomayor, like Limbaugh claiming she’s a “racist” for daring to believe that she can be good at her job despite the lack of the pale-skinned penis in her pants, is how it’s blatantly predicated on the idea that there is no such thing as an intelligent Latina. There’s no way around this. If you honestly believe that being a non-white woman is a twofer advantage that poor, beleaguered white men don’t get, then you have to look around and see that most prestigious positions of power are occupied by white men, and you have to assume that white men must be superhumanly intelligent and awesome to be able to do so much with so many obstacles against them. By god, what white men could do if someone just let them have some access to power without them scraping and fighting “reverse racism” every step of the way!

The sort of thing demonstrates that we’re far from done with the effects of the Bush administration, even though we kicked them out of office. We still have the war and the fucked up economy, and we’re still swimming in a sea of people who have contempt for reality, because it doesn’t fit what they need to believe. Like these fucks with their “reverse racism” nonsense---there isn’t really such a thing in the real world, and even if you can find someone out there who really buys into it, they’re a marginal person that certainly has no bearing on what Sonia Sotomayor believes. It’s actually 15 kinds of ridiculous to suggest that someone who doesn’t accept that white people could be intelligent would get anywhere in our society, since white people are by and large the gatekeepers. A fucking unicorn would have a better shot at the Supreme Court. That our media is taking this “reverse racism” thing seriously enough that Sotomayor had to apologize for saying something that could be deliberately misconstrued is evidence in and of itself that she’s the real victim of discrimination here. Being pushed into a situation where paranoia about her race is so bad that Sotomayor has to play along with an obvious lie to smooth falsely ruffled feathers is what racism actually looks like.
Naturally, we have those f***king "Xtianist Fundie Godbags" to blame.


Dave said...

If Satan were to have a daughter, it would be Amanda Marcotte.

She passed anti-Christian bigot long ago, and is now a foul-mouthed, rabid Christian-hater of the first order.

When the time comes for Christians to be rounded up and packed off to be beheaded, Marcotte will be the one standing on the train depot platform, clipboard in hand a' la Joseph Mengele, with a big smile on her face.


Dennis said...

Sadly she will not be alone for many on the left will be standing right next to her.

Dana said...

The amusing thing about Amanda Marcotte is that her defenses of both Sonia Sotomayro now, and herself during the John Edwards blogging flap, were defense based on oh, how horrible, we wicked white men were attacking them because they are women, but, in fact, all of the complaints raised about both Judge Sotomayor and Miss Marcotte are criticisms of what they have written or said, not who they are. They were being judged based on what their intellectual gifts led them to say, which is exactly what feminism would have us judge women -- and men -- on, rather than their genitalia.

Miss Marcotte -- as well as many others of our friends on the left -- are using a deflection defense. We criticize Judge Sotomayor's statements and decisions, and our friends on the left tell their readers that we are criticizing her ethnicity and sex. In that manner, they do two things: first, they attempt to put conservative criticism beyond the pale, because no one with any sort of an open mind is going to listen to criticism of the appointment based on Judge Sotomayor's ethnicity, and second, if they are basing their defenses on the judge's ethnicity and gender, they don't have to do the harder intellectual work of defending her intellectual and judicial opinions!