Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rule 5 Rescue: Lady GaGa Nude!

Well, I thought I was done blogging for the night, but I might as well get a post up on Lady GaGa (partially) nude before Robert Stacy McCain can snag the Google bomb.

She really does take it (almost) all off. See the video, "Behind the Rolling Stone Cover Shoot: Lady Gaga."

Also at Rolling Stone, "
Lady Gaga's Wild Looks: The New Princess of Pop's Craziest Wardrobe Moments." For excerpts from the interview, see "The New Issue of Rolling Stone: The Rise of Lady Gaga."

For an added bonus, check London's Daily Mail, "
'My Attraction to Women Makes Boyfriends Uncomfortable,'Ssays Lady GaGa as She Poses Semi-Nude for Rolling Stone."

And once again, let's count this as a preview of
Full Metal Saturday. Here are the links to my good blogging buddies: Ann Althouse, The Blog Prof, Chris Wysocki, Dana at CSPT, Dan Collins, Dan Riehl, Glenn Reynolds, Jimmie Bise, Little Miss Attila, Moe Lane, Monique Stuart, No Sheeples Here!, Private Pigg, Pundit & Pundette, The Rhetorican, R.S. McCain, Saber Point, Suzanna Logan, TrogloPundit, and William Jacobson.

Now, I'm really done for the day! I'm going to go read!


smitty1e said...

That's OK, we'll settle for sloppy, HTML-marked-up, over-clicked 3,325,654ths on Sunday. ;)

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Smitty!

Chris Wysocki said...

What? I don't make the list? Feh. See if I link your ass next week. Some day you'll miss those 3 hits I sent your way!

Did Lance tell you to ignore me? He's out to get me, I can feel it. Tell him I said Brett Favre will look good in purple.

It's not like all those bloggers are bigger than me, is it? Well sure, maybe it is. Sigh.

What's a guy gotta do to get some respect around here? Post topless pictures of Robert Pattinson?

AmPowerBlog said...

Chris: No problem ... I thought I was forgetting someone! I'll add you right away!

S.logan said...

Someone's gotta say it - she is quite possibly the ugliest woman on the planet. Wait, she IS a woman, right?

Jimmie said...

She kind of looks like David Bowie, circa Ziggy Stardust.

Tom said...

That photo is not attractive at all. Her videos are much hotter.

AmPowerBlog said...

Suzanna: Maybe it's a guy thing, but I think she's hot!

AmPowerBlog said...

Jimmie: Bowie's hip, so if I'll take that Bowie/GaGa comparison as a seal of approval!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Tom!

Dennis said...


In a small way I agree with you especially if you just look at the face. I am not sure why though. She does have a very nice body that exemplifies a "guitar like" shape which is very appealing if it is real and not photoshopped.
Allow us our fantasies for we are visual beings and to enjoy beauty, no matter how it may be defined, is good for the soul.
I would disagree with you about the fact that she "is the ugliest..........." One does not have to go far to see examples that would better qualify both internally and externally. Can you say most of the women in the democrat power structure. Believe it or not most men do have standards.
Though you could be like my wife when she used to point out women to me. Geez, that took all the fun out of girl watching. Now she does not do that because she knows I am happy with her as she is and she is secure in that knowledge. Does not mean I do not still enjoy looking.

Jimmie said...

Donald, Bowie is deefinitely hip, but I'm not all that keen on him as a sex symbol. I don't see the sexy in her (different strokes and all, though!).

Dennis said...


Not to put to fine a point of your statement that "She is a women......" There are a number of women on the democrat side, this just does not include physical beauty, but includes inner beauty as well, that if the fate of the species depended upon us getting together I am afraid that humanity would have to consider itself extinct.
Why would I want to perpetuate the ugliness of soul that these women exhibit?

Anonymous said...

I agree with s logan

Shes either a man trying to be a woman or a woman is trying to look like a man.


Since you believe every liberal woman is horribale I'm sure most wouldn't want to reproduce with you either.

Fun post DD