Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Huckabee to Endorse Rubio in Florida GOP Primary

I'm beating Not One Red Cent to this story!

Memeorandum, It turns out that Mike Huckabee will endorse Marco Rubio in the epic GOP Senate primary against Governor Charlie Crist. CNN has the details:

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has rolled out a succession of endorsements from national Republicans since announcing his entrance into the 2010 Senate race.

Now his Republican primary rival, former Florida House speaker Marco Rubio, has a national endorsement of his own from a conservative heavyweight: Mike Huckabee.

The former Arkansas governor will formally endorse Rubio in about two weeks, according to a Florida Republican familiar with the plans. The details of where the endorsement will take place have not been decided.

Rubio endorsed Huckabee's presidential bid in late 2007.
I got a note from Erick Erickson in my Facebook inbox. It's turns out that Erickson's group raised $10,000 for Marco Rubio in one day. See "Not One Penny to the National Republican Senatorial Committee":

Thanks to you all, we raised about $10,000.00 in a little over 24 hours for the Rubio campaign.

The NRSC should pay attention.
Marco Rubio's homepage is here.


Dave said...

Way to go, Huck!

I have my issues with Huck, but his support for the FairTax has been very helpful.