Thursday, May 21, 2009

IBD Editorial: Cheney Would Have KO'd Obama in First Round - UPDATED!!

I watched Dick Cheney's AIE speech this afternoon. The video is here.

But don't miss the Cheney/Obama comparisons at
Memeorandum. Andrew "Hissy Fit" Sullivan calls Cheney's speech "despicable and disgraceful." And that's likely to be the extent of the left's atttacks on the former Vice President. We'll naturally see a few "dark side" slurs thrown in here and there. See Firedoglake, for example, "Dick Cheney: Nothing is More Consistent with American Values than Torture."

I like
IBD's ringside analogy much better, in any case:

President Obama and former Vice President Cheney verbally sparred over how best to fight terrorism in the post-9/11 world. If it had been a real fight, it would have been stopped in the first round.
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UPDATE: Toby Hardin adopts the "pugilistic metaphor" in, "
The 10 Punches Dick Cheney Landed on Barack Obama's Jaw," via Memeorandum.


Tom the Redhunter said...

Yup. Former VP Cheney gave a responsible address in which he reviewed the issues at hand and reviewed the threat and discussed what the Bush Administration had done to counter it.

Obama acted like a jerk. He spent his time complaining about the "mess" he had inherited and about the "hasty" decisions made out of "fear" after 9-11.

You're right, Donald. Cheney KO'd him.

Dennis said...

In the Left corner we have Stutters McSpendypants and in the right corner we have an adult named Cheney. Is it any wonder that Cheney's poll numbers went up.
What did Obama think being President was going to be, a talk in the park with a teleprompter without any need to step up and take responsibility for the defense of this country? Oh, I forgot we do not have a "War on Terror" it is a "Contingency Operation."