Friday, May 29, 2009

O'Reilly Gets Hammered on Hypocrisy!

Here's a follow-up to my post yesterday, "Bill O'Reilly Slams Hot Air!"

It turns out that O'Reilly offered
a half-baked apology.

Here's Glenn Reynold's take:
JUST WATCHED BILL O’REILLY OFFER A NON-APOLOGY APOLOGY on the Hot Air matter — sorry, but totally inadequate. O’Reilly misrepresented something as Hot Air’s when it came from a commenter — either deliberately, or because he’s got a lousy staff that misinformed him — and he should have apologized frankly. He didn’t, and his wriggly response made him look worse. Earlier on the show he talked about the New York Times losing the trust of readers; later in the show he bragged about his own ratings. Perhaps he should consider that the Times’ fate might become his, if he squanders the trust of viewers in Times-like fashion ...
And the video:

But wait! On top of all of this, O'Reilly's own website shows him to be a total hypocrite!

I'm with the conservatives bloggers on this one! Hey, maybe The Lonely Conservative is on to something.

Now, perhaps Dan Riehl will post an update to
his post yesterday!


Rusty Walker said...

I noticed that Bill O’Reilly has been more and more the apologist for Obama and Obama decisions ever since, Obama allowed O’Reilly to interview him on The Factor. And, what constructive reason is there to feature the most radical conservative blog comments, other than discrediting the Right? His casual comment about Right bloggers on Sotomayor, was, “no response other than search and destroy?!” Recently, he repeatedly talked over Laura Ingram, Dick Morris and Karl Rove so much as recent guests that I found myself yelling at the TV, “Let them make their point!” I watch him less and less. This whole Supreme Court pick as a “dare” tactic from the left is was not “brilliant” as he stated this week. As Laura Ingram put it, we might as well not have a party if we don’t challenge Sotomayor’s racist remarks! Remember that the Democrats personally attacked Clarence Thomas during his hearing, prompting Thomas’ retort, this is nothing short of a “high-tech lynching!” Politics is a mean business, and the GOP needs to take the kid gloves off!

heidianne jackson said...

there is nothing about o'reilly that is friendly to the constitution or the conservatives. this is nothing less than i'd expect from him - he didn't stand up for michelle when geraldo went after him, why should he apologize now.

bill o'reilly, just another liberal apologist.