Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day - And Never Forget!

Here's Wordsmith's Memorial Day video:

Here's wishing all of my readers a wonderful Memorial Day, and let's never forget the sacrifices of those who have fought to keep us safe.


eZekiel said...

Being blessed with the opportunity to work with veterans on my spare time, I am honored and proud to say I have not forgotten them. (Mostly my problem these days is forgetting the difference between a healthy and unhealthy level of pessimism, but if I didn't do my part I would just be a hypocrite.)

shoprat said...

Hope your Memorial Day was enjoyable.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

May we celebrate the lives of these soldiers even as we mourn their passing!

May we look after their families, as they look after us!

And always live lives worthy of their sacrifice!

Dave said...

Since the time of the American Revolution through the present day, this great nation has been blessed to have no shortage of courageous citizens like yourselves willing to take up arms to defend it, and if necessary, forfeit your very lives in order to do so.

You were willing to go wherever your country sent you in order to defend America, its people, or to prevent others in the world from realizing the sad fate of living under hideous tyrannies.

You have willingly fought in deserts, jungles, in the skies and on (as well as beneath) the high seas of the world in order to defend freedom and liberty.

It was never really easy, rarely pleasant, and not a little dangerous, but you went anyway because your country asked it of you.

Some of you never returned to your home country, having given your lives not knowing the final outcome of the conflict you were willing to fight in. Still more of you came back with physically less than you left with. Sadly, some of you returned home safely only to be spat upon and accused of all kinds of hideous atrocities by some of our very own citizens. Some of you returned scarred in ways not otherwise visible.

Every last one of you returned home a true American hero.

The citizens of this nation, and no small number of free people throughout the world, owe you all a debt of gratitude we will never come close to repaying. I thank God for each and every one of you.

Thank you for your selfless service to the United Sates of America, and to all of us.