Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bill Owens Backstabs Constituents of NY-23

Newly-elected Congressman Bill Owens has joined President Obama and Speaker Pelosi in voting for the House healthcare bill with the "public option" provision. This is the ultimate stab-in-the-back to constituents in the district, since Owens campaigned in opposition to the bill. From Michael Patrick Leahy (via Memorandum):
From the start of his campaign on August 10 until an election eve debate on October 30, Owens adamantly opposed the type of public option that is contained in HR 3962, the Pelosi bill the House is voting on later today.

Owens announced qualified support for the “current bill” in an October 30 debate less than 84 hours before the polls opened. His statement of support was lost in the ensuing melodrama when Republican Dede Scozzafava withdrew from the race the next day, and then switched allegiances and endorsed him rather than the Conservative Doug Hoffman.

In his statement today lauding Owens, President Obama unwittingly confirmed what had been reported here earlier today–that the voters of the 23rd Congressional District had been misled throughout the campaign by Bill Owens that he opposed the Pelosi public option Health Care bill, and that, had Mr. Owens’ been honest with the voters throughout the entire campaign he would not have won the special election.
Dishonesty from the Democratic Party. Who would have guessed it?


Kenneth Davenport said...

No surprise here Donald -- Dede would have broken ranks and done the same. Owens will spend exactly one year on the House, though it will be just enough time to cast votes that will surely ruin this country if they become law.

It's just nuts what is going on. The arrogance of the Dems knows no bounds...2010 will be a repeat of 1994 -- we need to send Pelosi back to her rightful role as shadow Speaker...

dave in boca said...

The Repubs have to purge themselves of the moles in their ranks, and the fact that serial liar Obama is now bragging about his dishonesty ain't gonna win him more than another year.

This guy is Jimmy Carter with malevolence, not the simpleton from Plains, but a machine-pol criminal in his heart of hearts. Ditto, the rest of the Chicago mob shoving total garbage down America's throat.