Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carrie Prejean on Sex Tape Video: 'It Was Bad Judgment ... I Take Total Responsibility'

Carrie Prejean opened up to Sean Hannity about the sex tape scandal that led to the settlement of her Miss California-USA lawsuit. Andrew Malcolm has a report, "Carrie Prejean Confirms 'Sex Tape,' But..." Hannity said "We might as well go right to it":

The handsome host noted that the high-powered, celebrity website TMZ claimed to have a sex video of the beautiful Prejean that was so outrageously explicit it hasn't posted it yet. But people can feel free to keep clicking back there every few minutes to check. If they don't mind someday maybe seeing a naked female conservative.

Prejean replied -- insert teasing pause here -- yes, there was a tape she had done as a teenager. She made it for a distant boyfriend whom she loved at the time. She said TMZ can call it a "sex tape" if it wants. But she was alone on the video and no one else was in the room.

So everyone (except TMZ, Prejean's mother and the ex-boyfriend, who presumably provided the tape of his beloved) is left to imagine what is on what is no doubt the first such boudoir video ever made in history.

Prejean said it was the "biggest mistake" she'd ever made in her not-yet-lengthy life. She regretted it. She felt mortified talking about it, but it was her own fault. And that as a Christian she'd never claimed to be perfect.
Watch the entire video.

Ms. Prejean is embarrassed to discuss the video at the opening of the segment, but she comes clean. She said she was a teenager and thought her boyfriend was "the one" and wanted to please him: "It was the biggest mistake of my life."

We'll see how this plays out today across the netroots. Ms. Prejean warns that nothing is private. "People are still digging up things from my past."


Bob Belvedere said...

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Unknown said...

After reading the Prejean's Hypocrity wherein she is blaming the social-media from her wrong doing, We can't help but to feel nauseated - If I were in a plane I would grab a vomit bag. Is she still thinking correctly? There's no one to be blame but of course the person who did the act and "video-record" it! so simple - so much for her alibis.. though

updated videos plus hilarious clips of prejean: http://bit.ly/carrie-prejean-gone-wild-for-better-for-worst-ayt-hilton

I wonder what are the reactions of other blogger for her new "sage-words"