Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Okay, this post is a special treat and thank you for American Power readers.

I periodically get requests to see family photos; but considering how much hate mail I get (or hate e-mails and comments at the blog), including occasional death threats, I've been careful with how much family information I post online. But yesterday my wife and I took our boys over to the local pumpkin patch, AND, my wife said it'd be okay to share some family pictures, so enjoy this: It might be a one time shot, or at least a once-in-blue-moon Douglas family photo-album.

Okay, that's yours truly below. We visit the
Johnson Brothers Pumpkin Patch, which is an area tradition. After Halloween, the location goes up as a Christmas tree lot in mid-November. Lots of good stuff, including farm animals and pony rides:

I'm 5'10", so their "How Tall This Fall" sign is accurate. No measurement on the waist, but I'm a 36" in work khakis, although I'm totally saggin' in my Urban Pipeline shorts here [UPDATE: 8:00pm and doing a bit of laundry ... turns out I'm a 38" in the waist, as per my Nordstrom slacks for work tomorrow!]:

This is my youngest boy, 8, in one of the bounce houses. Ain't he a darlin'?

Here's the big turkey. The farm animals are out next to the pony rides:

She came out of their little barn for a drink of water. It's been hot in Orange County - Santa Ana wind-weather, in the mid-80s:

It felt good to be out and about:

Okay, here's the moment you've all been waiting for: The full family portrait! My oldest boy is 13. He's shy and didn't really want to take pictures. And that's my wife of 15 years. You've already met my youngest son at the bounce-house above:

Here's a couple of the headstones lining the side of the Haunted House area:

My oldest again, checking out some additional "grave markers." He's never without the iTunes headset:

Okay, back at home a bit later, my youngest is getting ready for Trick-or-Treating. He's "Optimus Prime," from Transformers 2:

My boys made these artsy-pumpkins a couple of weeks ago. We placed them on the front porch. Lots of parents took their very small children Trick-or-Treating. I love that (we had some big kids too, but the babies are so fun - they'll walk right in your front door and grab a whole bunch of candy from the bowl):

Remember when you were little?

No comment needed here - only a reminder to keep both your faith and your children close:

Holiday season's almost here, notwithstanding the hot temperatures. Here's wishing folks the best this season, with love from my home to yours.


Philippe Öhlund said...

Wow! Great pictures, Donald! :-)

You really have an outstanding family!

Did you eat the Turkey? :-)

I wish you all a wonderful week.

Right Truth said...

Love the Halloween outfit, I haven't seen one like that.

What a nice family. Thanks for sharing.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Skye said...

Thank you for sharing this Halloween treat with your readers.

Carol said...

Adorable family, Donald. You are blessed. Thank you for sharing.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thanks for the pics, Prof. Nice to see a family having good clean fun.

Rusty Walker said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

Wow...this is a treat! :)

Such a beautiful family, Donald--you are truly blessed!

Looks like that was a lot of fun, too!

We had a lot of trick-or-treaters last night, but not nearly as many as last year.

I'm really glad you've shared these pictures of your family with us!

Nikki said...

Great looking family!! And I am shocked to find out that Obama is actually THE GREAT PUMPKIN...I should have known. Now go tell Linus...:)N

Cassandra said...

Those are fine looking boys. You should be very proud of them :)

Dennis said...

One of the joys in life is having a great family to share all the things worth living for. Enjoy every minute Donald.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks so much for all the great comments, friends!

Believe me, I don't take anything for granted. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful wife and kids!

Paco said...

Nice pics, Doug. The hopeychamgey-lantern was pretty scary, though.

Paco said...

Almost as scary as my spelling..."hopeychangey-lantern", it should be.

JBW said...

You've got a nice looking family there, Don. The shot at Obama was gratuitous and typical but the sweet OP costume balanced it out. This is a much better side of you. Happy Halloween.

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: What would an American Power post be without a dig at the Obamunist?!!

Thanks for visiting, even if we are on the opposite sides of the ideological fence!

Blazingcatfur said...

Gee wish I could still Trick or Treat;)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Outstanding. You, as have I, married above yourself. You have a great looking family. No other blessings are needed. Happy Halloween.

Reliapundit said...

thanks for sharing this dd.

it gave me a very warm feeling.

you are a lucky man.

and i;m glad that there are at least two fine young boys in CA!

TonyfromOz said...

Lovely images.
We don't do Halloween here in Australia, well, not like on the scale of the U.S. anyway.
What is refreshing to see is that you are willing to post images of your family, even after considering the nature of threats that all the Conservative bloggers seem subject to.
More Power to you Donald.
To quote the mock Latin aphorism:
"Illegitimi non carborundum."

Grizzly Mama said...

Hey - great pics. Thanks for sharing. I have 2 girls - 8 and almost 13. Those ipod headphones are a very familiar sight. lol. Beautiful family!

Looks like beautiful weather. Halloween is one of my fave holidays. Love to take the kids trick-or-treating! I like the cooler weather though - and crunching through the fall leaves.

Sarge Charlie said...

Great photos Donald, looks like a fun day with your family.

Steven Givler said...

Great to see you enjoying time with your family. I hope you all had a terrific time.

AmPowerBlog said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great comments, friends. This truly is what blogging's about.

Have a fabulous week everyone!

RaDena said...

Dang, Donald! That last pumpkin picture is the scariest pumkin I've ever seen! LOL!

Thanks so much for sharing this. Your family is absolutely beautiful, and all of you have such gorgeous smiles! Looks as though a wonderful time was had by all.

I got a great laugh out of the headstones too.

AmPowerBlog said...

Glad you got a chance to see the pictures, RaDena!

Jason said...

He is human!

Great family, Donald. Glad you decided to share them with your readers.

American Power has become one of the premier blogs and it is ran by a regular guy! Who knew?



Rusty Walker said...

This may go unnoticed because it has been awhile since this post was made, but, in case anyone reads this – JBW and Dr. Donald are being civil and respectful. I believe they should be. I know I am impossibly naïve, but intelligent American minds that are on two different sides of the political spectrum, Americans with divergent views, need to debate issues, not personal slams.

It is once again fun to have debate on this forum.