Monday, November 9, 2009

New York Times Retracts Headline Indicating 'Fort Hood Suspect Communicated With Radical Cleric...'

The orginal title still shows at Memeorandum's page, for the New York Time's, "Fort Hood Suspect Communicated With Radical Cleric, Authorities Say." But when you click through, you'll get, "U.S. Monitored Fort Hood Suspect Before Shooting." And look at the Google search too. A click through there leads us to the Times' own blog aggregator, Blogrunner, with the original headline still in view:

I guess the Times is not "jumping to conclusions" in its reporting, despite the fact that no one else online is worried about actually saying Hasan contacted an al Qaeda operative prior to mounting a terrorist attack.

Exit Question: Is the Times heading over into
fifth column territory?


adagioforstrings said...

I question your use of verb tense. I believe that the NYT headed over to 5th column category many moons ago.