Friday, November 6, 2009

Spencer Ackerman: 'Protecting Islam From the Shootings at Fort Hood'

Spencer Ackerman's got this in his inbox today, "You are doing everything to protect Islam from the shootings at Fort Hood." It's the e-mail of the day.

From Ackerman's Islamophile blog, "
I Am Not the Cover for Your Conscience" (with corrections appended):

What a fucking day. This email made me happy. I’m drinking at my desk.


You are doing everything to protect Islam from the shootings at Fort Hood. The reason so many centrist/independents like myself are starting to lean towards Fox News, etc. ... is because you guys refuse to be fair. The hypocrisy is openly blatant now. You know if this was a story of a Christian psychiatrist killing opening fire on a group of homosexuals, the judgement would be swift. But that doesn’t happen. Fact is, every Christian majority nation has freedom of religion and freedom of speech. NO islamic majority nation has freedom of religion and freedom of speech. If you would just be honest, more would listen. Independent Americans are not fanatics, it’s just the media has moved so far left, we look that way.

Some of those Islamic majority nations respecting freedom of speech and freedom of religion include Turkey and, to a much lesser extent, Indonesia. India isn’t Muslim-majority, but it’s a democracy with, if I’m not mistaken, the world’s greatest number of Muslims.

And, well, actually, folks argue that Turkey -- with secularism waning amid a radical shift to Islamic fundamentism -- is becoming a "second Iran"; and you know, really, it's Indonesia, not India, that boasts the world largest Muslim population.

But hey, let's not go too hard on our national security "expert" at Firedoglake and the Washington Independent. I'm sure those folks find some benefit out of having Ackerman tag along -- for example, he rattles off Islamist exclamations for the faithful: insh'allah (God willing) Israel will be wiped from the face of the earth. And of course, those George Bush death chants are popular across the netroots!

But geez, the guy could at least get some of his facts straight!


Dave said...

I just love lefty Islamo-apologists.

For some strange reason, they appear to believe that the Islamists are going to somehow give them a pass should they prevail in this war.

Funny thing is, the decadent, immoral lefties will be the very first ones the victorious Islamists will march off to the chopping blocks.


Dennis said...

It would sort of be like the irony of the 60's generation being denied some health care procedures because they are older and treating them would not be cost effective. Especially since their mantra was, "Never trust anyone over 30." The thought of some 30 something in the US government determining their existence is almost enjoyable.
Part of me would see this as their just reward and would be applicable to the "media" as well.