Monday, January 4, 2010

Census Launches $340 Million Ad Blitz

I saw the second half of this advertisement on Fox News this morning. I can't believe how damned pathetic this is, especially the second half featuring the dumb blonde-betty with acrylic nails getting the "correct address" from a well-spoken black brother. Are U.S. tax dollars going to "hide the decline" of inner city America? It don't look like this, and I'd be surprised if the two convassers here are even close to the mean worker hired by the Census.

Perhaps I'd think otherwise had ACORN and other leftist shakedown groups not been so quickly rehabilitated after last year's scandals. Matthew Vadum hammered House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers for whitewashing ACORN in December ("CRS Report On ACORN Is Nonsense), but left-wing extremists are ramping up attacks against "right-wing crazies" supposedly "fanning paranoia." The federal courts have already ruled that Washington can't "defund" ACORN, so with congressional Democrats beating the ACORN's-been-cleared drums, it won't be long before Bertha Lewis and pals will be "shuckin an jivin" for that down-home Census bureau undercount outreach scam. See, for example, "Government to launch $340 million ad campaign touting the 2010 Census":

... civil rights groups have long said that minorities have been under-counted because they say the Census is inaccessible to non-English speakers and the economically disadvantaged.

$80 million will be spent on ads targeted toward racial and ethnic minorities and non-English speakers. Some ads will appear in foreign languages such as Spanish, Arabic and Yiddish, according to USA Today.
Yo, got that right, mofo! The USA Today piece is here: "$340 million blitz launches 2010 Census." See also, "Census Bureau Launches 2010 Census Road Tour Across Nation."

John Fund has more at the video. Notice especially the proliferation of ACORN front groups:

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UPDATE: Michelle Malkin links with, "The Census boondoggle: $340 million ad campaign."


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Darn! Look how WHITE those people are!

Can you say: PROP - A - GAN - DA?

I knew you could.


SR said...

The United States Constitution requires THREE items to ask...not TEN.

1) Name

2) Race

3) Rezidency

That's it. Screw the other 7, whatever they may or may not be. There is no Constitutional requirement to ask anything else but the THREE constitutional questions to ask. That's the Law.

Screw the Census and their constitutional boondoggle.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that a decorative cross beside the front door of the first house?! What are they doing putting a cross in a government ad?! That to me is very creepy when the government goes out of its way to take crosses out of any public forum, but puts one in here. Who are they trying to pull one over on?