Saturday, January 16, 2010

Martha Coakley's Radical Tax-and-Spend Ideology

The more I learn about Martha Coakley, the less human she seems. I just visited Radley Balko's, "Dorothy Rabinowitz on Martha Coakley and the Fells Acres Sex Abuse Cases" (and be sure to click through to the Rabinowitz piece). Then checking out the Scott Brown campaign website, here's a new web ad on Coakley's radical tax-and-spend ideology:

See also, Reaganite Republican, "Crumblin' Croakley Death-Spiral Update."

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More at Memeorandum. ADDED: Left Coast Rebel, "Martha Coakley on Curt Schilling and the Boston Yankees: Re-post of the Reasons Not to Vote for Martha Coakley."


Left Coast Rebel said...

I covered the Coakley/Schilling thing as well with a funny title. Note that I then list several substantial reasons to not vote for her: