Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Robert Stacy McCain in Southern California!

I think I mentioned it last week, and here we go!

Robert Stacy McCain is here in Southern California to cover
the BCS championship game. In fact, he's with me in my kitchen at this moment:

He just wrote up an entry for the American Spectator, "'Proto-Fascist Love of Violence'." It turns out that Smitty called to let us know that Andrew Sullivan smeard Robert tonight as a "proto-fascist." Here's a Google link only, "Proto-Fascism On The American Right." Robert has the full details at his post:

Check over at The Other McCain as well for updates.

I'll be blogging off and on tomorrow. Robert and I will be heading over to Orange Coast College for the Crimson Tide's afternoon practice session. It could be rough sledding, however. The news has it that the University of Alabama football team is keeping a super tight lid on security, and they've even erected a fence around the college's trainging facility. But we'll be heading over there no matter what. Robert's got to get close to the team for some first-hand information for his championship game reporting.

Tune in here for some plain old conservative blog reporting, in any case. Having Robert around is kinda like being in the right-wing hothouse!


UPDATE: Robert's got a report up on the day's goings-on. See, "Fear and Loathing in Orange County."


Philippe Öhlund said...

Good luck with blogging and reporting to both of you, Donald! :-)

This year (like every four years) is an election year in Sweden.

The socialists have a 14 percent lead presently, but I hope we will be able to keep them away from the power at the election in September.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Philippe!

smitty1e said...

I commend your skills, Donald.
My efforts last weekend had nowhere near the positive effect on Stacy.

Philippe Öhlund said...

You're welcome Donald! :-)