Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Debuts on Fox News

Noel Sheppard is reading my mind, "Well that certainly didn't take long":

And at The Hill, "Palin Blasts Critics in Fox debut: 'A Bunch of B.S.'" (via Memeorandum).


Dennis said...

Always good to see the leftist "media" put one more nail in their own coffin. They just aid in giving Palin a larger audience to meet and convince. If you do not believe that FOX is using these leftists to build an even bigger audience you have to be kidding yourself.
FOX knows that this will bring a lot of people who like Palin, a significant number who want to find out who she is and if whats been said is true, and Leftists who want to hang pejoratives on every word. All she has to do is impress a number of those who want to find out about her and neutralize those on the Left and she hoists the left on its own arrogance and petard.
Since leftists tend to be such followers she might even bring some of them around which will make the left look like they have little credibility.
It is a WIN/WIN for Palin because she will have plenty of time for research and a staff to fill in those areas in which she might be weak.
The more noise the left makes the better she comes off.

Dave said...

Better break out the wet vacs, mops and sponges, because this is going to have liberals head's exploding all over.

The lefty kooksphere just cannot understand why its hideous smear tactics haven't destroyed her.