Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Vise Tightens Around Charles Johnson!

The vise grip of the conservative blogosphere is tightening around Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs. Things are practically to the point of DEFCON alert. Always the control freak, C.J. has long banned commenters for disagreeing with him, and now he's also banning people for simply correcting him -- on other blogs. And that's not to mention C.J.'s escalation to legal threats against folks who're simply rebutting him around the 'sphere.

Another Black Conservative has some information on the "racist" Obama-Palin shoeshine controversy from the last couple of days. There's a link there to Patterico's post, where we find that he's been locked out at LGF for pointing out to Charles that the women who e-mailed the politically-incorrect photoshop is a registered Democrat. For someone so "scientific" real facts must have caused nasty bouts of cognitive dissonance and psychological displacement:

AOSHQ has the links as well, "Charles Johnson Pushes 'I Win' Button On Patterico."

Plus, Johnson's blathering about legal threats against Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. Here's the screencap, available at Jim's post, "
A New Low… Charles Johnson Now Supporting Child Porn in Classrooms & Fisting Kits at School Functions":

Sick. Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs reached a new low yesterday.Johnson attacked this blog for reporting again on Barack Obama’s safe schools czar. According to Charles, if you point out anything about Barack Obama’s “Safe” Schools Czar Kevin Jennings’ sordid record of promoting explicit, outrageously age-inappropriate sexual filth in the classroom you are a “homophobe.” He must have started reading the Soros-linked Media Matters since he flipped ....

Yesterday, I reported
here that a Bulgarian website had enough courage to report on the Jenning’s scandal, one of the most underreported stories of 2009. This infuriated Charles Johnson who labeled the Bulgarian website a conspiracy website for its previous reporting. Like many leftists Charles believes that by labeling websites (even when the facts don’t back him up) you neuter their arguments. Of course, this is not true. Leftists like Charles believe if you can’t win an argument then smear the source instead.
Just the other day, Little Green Footballs published an attack against Andrew Breitbart's blog, "Breitbart's Big Government: Not Strong on Fact Checking."

But as you can see today, the hypocrisy is so devastating for Charles Johnson that perhaps he'd at least just back off, and perhaps add a little wonkish non-partisan policy analysis to his overnight shoreline photography posts.

See also, Verum Serum, "
Charles Johnson: The Hypocrisy is Strong with This One."

UPDATE: Just found Charles Johnson's more formal, yet equally lame, threat of legal action against Gateway Pundit, "Jim Hoft, First Things, and Libelous Accusations."

Also, Charles Johnson links this post in the comments at LGF, here.


Kephin said...

He's just gone full blown "Andrew Sullivan" hasn't he?

vanderleun said...

It is to laugh. Johnson will threaten legal action right up to the moment the erstwhile unknown lawyer tells him to write the $10,000 retainer fee check. And that's when Johnson knows he doesn't have the money.

P.S. Johnson may take that "full blown Andrew Sullivan" the wrong way.

Dave C said...

Shouldn't it be 'The Noose..' instead Vise?

Or would his shrieking be too much then?