Sunday, February 7, 2010

You Must Be RINO If You Don't Advocate Shooting Illegal Immigrants on Sight!

Geez, I've forgotten how totally whacked old Texas Fred can be. Check out his entry, "Is Sarah Palin a TRUE Conservative?":

I may lose a few readers and fans over what I am about to say, but that’s the breaks.

I am NOT a fan of Sarah Palin. I have long said so. I believe that if Sarah Palin is the BEST the RNC can offer up, we are is some seriously deep poop. I said it when she was running with McCain on the GOP ticket and I say it now as she once again supports McCain. I have made it a topic in more than a few posts on this blog and I have yet to see anything to convince me otherwise.

Supporting John McCain now is just further proof that Palin is NOT a Conservative!

John McCain is a used up RINO. He is a wild card. You never know what McCain is going to do or who he’s going to side with. If Palin supporting him doesn’t open your eyes to the the lack of Conservatism that Sarah Palin possesses, I don’t guess anything will.

I don’t know about you, but to my way of thinking, if someone supports, and campaigns for a RINO, and make NO mistake about it, John McCain IS a RINO, that tends to make me believe that this individual supporter is quite likely a RINO too.

The Democrat party is now openly socialist while today’s Republican party is the Democrat party of 20 years ago. The results of these leftist shifts are plainly seen today with obscene deficits, a huge and growing federal government, misguided foreign policy and rising taxes on an already over-taxed working family. Conservatives have had enough! SOURCE

I could not have said it any better myself ....

There are many in the GOP that are convinced that we have to accept whatever the GOP/RNC throws out there. They say that if we don’t, we fragment the GOP and allow the Dems to gain more power. Those people do have a point, the GOP needs to be united and strong, but I have to ask; if we accept RINOs, if we are willing to settle for anything less than the very best in Conservative candidates, are we any better than straight ticket Dems and the moonbats that they vote for?

We know that politicians like Kay Bailey Hutchison, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich, John Cornyn and a multitude of other self proclaimed GOP members are nothing but RINOs. Are we going to allow those RINOs to take the GOP further into the abyss of liberalism? The GOP is nothing other than Dem Lite as it currently stands. The GOP needs to be the party of Reagan!

Do YOU have the guts to stand and say so? Do YOU have the guts to fight and take the GOP back? Do YOU have the guts to declare that YOU will not accept the lesser of ANYTHING? Do YOU have the guts to vote for only the most Conservative patriots as we leave the RINOs to die off into extinction and take the GOP back?

2010 and 2012 will tell the tale.

That's interesting, and I'm not for RINOs either. But just so folks are clear on where Texas Fred's coming from, here's his litmus test on who's RINO and who's not:

We must have comprehensive immigration reform that benefits the American taxpayer at least as much as it benefits the immigrants, the LEGAL ones, and as far as I am concerned, the ILLEGALS that are literally pouring into this nation can either be rounded up and deported or allowed to starve to death or die of thirst as they cross the hot desert of the American southwest, that saves the American patriot the problem of having to buy so many rounds of ammunition.

And what the hell, the critters in the desert have got to eat too!

Somehow I doubt that Sarah Palin wants to round up illegal aliens shoot them on sight. And don't miss Texas Fred's additional points from the comments: "Just shoot the bastards and be done with it …"

See also Robert at American and Proud and Jenn at Political Jungle. These are your true conservatives: TRUE, I tell you!

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TexasFred said...

LMAO... Your hits must be down again... :)

AmPowerBlog said...

I'm TLMFAO, Fred ... you're the best!

Stogie said...

Tex-Ass Fred strikes again!

Donald, I don't have a problem with you not supporting Palin. In truth, I think there are better candidates out there. I respect your independence of thought on this!

Larry Sheldon said...

Well, any fool can see (you go read Texasferd, I'm not going to) that Obama is way better for us than a damned Rino is, and another term (or six or however many he wants) is way better than all of the RINOs in the world.

God damn I'm glad I'm 70+ and in failing health.

Unknown said...

Awwww Dougie Poo, we actually agree on Sarah Palin isn't that cute.

Good to know you're still obsessed with Fred and I. FYI sweet cheeks, I'm not a conservative. I'm an American.