Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cases in Palin Derangment: High School Crib Notes Edition

This is the leftists rage of the day, so, what the heck, I'm gonna throw old Sully a link, and in turn I'll get linked at Memeorandum:

I was too busy tapping away at my laptop to notice this little high-school trick. Having mocked president Obama for using a TelePrompter - not long after he made mincemeat of Republicans with no such TelePrompter at their retreat - she had to scribble down her priorities as president on her palm for the truly tough-as-nails Q and A she had to endure for ten minutes or so last night.

Written on her hand:

  • "Energy"
  • "Budget [crossed out] (Cuts)"
  • "Tax"
  • "Lift American spirits"
  • My favorite detail is "[Budget] Cuts". Which just about sums up the real Tea Party agenda on spending. But it also suggests that she was told in advance of the questions she would be asked, one of which was what would be you priorities if you were elected president? Now think about this: she had to write on her hand her priorities as president.

    I stand by my belief that none of this matters to the people who support her, and that she remains a very potent, content-free and destructive force in American politics.

    There's more where that came from, but you get the idea. And with that, we're having a whole new era of Palin Derangment Syndrome.

    And here's a test: How many readers have NEVER written crib notes on their hand? Perhaps a few. Now, how many have pronounced "corpsman" as "corpse-man" in a nationally televised broadcast? I see. None. And with that, the trophy for ultimate stupidity goes to TOTUS.

    And of course, the lefties didn't get too riled up about that.


    Steve J. said...

    How many readers have NEVER written crib notes on their hand?

    Not since elementary school

    Indigo Red said...

    ■"Budget [crossed out] (Cuts)"
    ■"Lift American spirits"

    The list is literal, but also a misinterpretation. "Budget" was replaced by "Tax", so the crib sheet shoud read:

    ■"Tax Cuts"
    ■"Lift American spirits"

    Jordan said...

    Where's TOTUS to show her how to really hide his talking points...