Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ann Althouse Slams Lying Abe 'Sauerkraut' at The Awl!

No doubt THERS = DOUCHEBAG will register his outrage, considering how much he hates lying scumbags, or something.

I commented on this previously while smacking down Thers on the Wisconsin clean-up. The Awl's post is here, "
Class War: Who Were Those Folks at the Madison Budget Address? Ann Althouse's Husband, For One."

And Ann responds, "
Abe Sauer — blogging at The Awl — goes on a bizarre rampage about Meade getting in to see Scott Walker's budget address." Check especially the part where Sauerkraut lied about State Representative Brett Hulsey's office not providing tickets to Gov. Walker's speech:
Meade spoke to Hulsey's office yesterday, and they said they would not disclose such information about their constituents. Maybe Sauerkraut thinks it's important, newsworthy information about me and Meade. Is it? I think you'd first want to know what the procedure is for getting into a Governor's speeches and whether there's anything amiss if a legislator gives a ticket to someone outside of his district.

Sauer didn't bother to do the research before he began flinging mud shredded pickled cabbage around. Meade, however, did the research. It turns out the Governor's office controls the tickets to his speeches. That's true now, and it was true in the past when there were Democratic Governors. The Governor's office distributes some tickets directly and gives other to the majority and minority leaders of both houses, who then pass those out however they want. (If Hulsey, a freshman, didn't get any tickets, it was, I think, his own party leader's decision.) Now, the minority leader of the senate is one of the fleebaggers. So no tickets went that way. Anyway, one of the legislators who had tickets to distribute offered me 2, and I accepted the one for Meade. (I had to teach a class.)
OMFG!! WHAT A SCANDAL! I doubt that'll stop the scumbag progressives from smearing Athouse as sucking Koch.