Friday, March 4, 2011

'If You Are One of the Many People Who Criticized Me and Meade for Selfishly Jumping Ahead of a Line, It's Time For an Apology'

First I'm posting the viral viddy of Wisconsin Democratic Representative Nick Milroy, who's seen being tackled by police. He claimed he was entering the Statehouse to retrieve clothing, but it looks like a helluva lot more than that. A little civil resistance solidarity? And the dude's an elected official, sheesh? Or as Jammie puts it, the surprise here is that a "Wisconsin Democrat was actually trying to do some work":

Anyway, Althouse has the must-read post on developments, "Who started the restriction of access to the Wisconsin Capitol, which the state court judge has ruled unconstitutional?":

If you were critical of Meade and me for refusing to wait in line and insisting on walking right into the Capitol building, then you need to read the judge's order, which says that the restriction of access "violates the State Constitution."

Instead of meekly following instructions — which, oddly enough, the anti-Walker protesters did — we felt immediate outrage and expressed it. If you are one of the many people who criticized me and Meade for selfishly jumping ahead of a line, it's time for an apology.

Let me remind you what happened. I started it.
On Saturday, February 26th, the day with the largest crowd, there were "'about 70,000 people' at the Capitol, but they were mainly outside":
I walked right up to the nearest door, and a "volunteer" in an orange vest told me to go wait in a line to go in some other door. This door was for... I didn't quite catch who the special people were who got to go right in the door I'd walked up to, but I said, "This is a public building. You're saying there are 2 kinds of people — ones that get right in and ones that go wait in line? Who are you?" He was obviously not a uniformed city official. I was all "Who are you?" and "How dare you!" and, after a few seconds, I (and Meade) got right through that door ...
Hey, don't mess with Althouse!

Plus, at Gateway Pundit, "
It Begins… WI School President Threatens Private Business For Printing Pro-Walker T-Shirts," and Hot Air, "Fleebagging the hot new fad?"