Friday, March 4, 2011

Michael Moore: Rich People's Money a National Resource

Video at The Blaze: "Really Rich Dude Michael Moore Says Wealthy Americans’ Money is Not Theirs its ’Ours‘ ’A National Resource’ We Need To Take It From Them."

And from Peter Wehner's essay at Commentary, "Michael Moore vs. Abraham Lincoln":
Both Michael Moore and former labor secretary Robert Reich have done us the favor of speaking candidly about their economic views. If you listen to both men, you’ll gain a fairly good insight into the modern liberal worldview.

It consists of several elements. The first, as articulated by Moore, is that money you earn is not really yours; it’s a “natural resource” that belongs to others. That is the basic starting point for those like Moore. Second, the collectivist impulse among the left is extremely powerful. Third, higher taxes have almost talisman-like powers. Regardless of our economic circumstances — whether we’re experiencing strong growth or a nasty recession — higher taxes are always called for. Fourth, liberals view higher taxes first and foremost as a matter of “fairness” rather than growth. One cannot help but conclude that many liberals would accept lower growth rates and fewer jobs in favor of more redistribution of income. And fifth, America is a nation seething with class resentments. “An angry population and an angry populace could just as easily turn their anger toward the very rich,” according to Reich. “Again, it is in the interest of the people at the top to actually call for a more equitable distribution of the gains of economic growth and a better tax system: a tax system that is fair.”

As against the views of Moore and Reich are the views of Lincoln
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Commie scumbags, but what's new?


MaroonedinMarin said...

That's how liberals think. They act like money grows on trees, and spend it thinking it does.