Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mobs and Slobs Turn Madison Into Progressive Pigsty

I mentioned last night that I was taking break from the union blogging, but it just keeps getting better.

First is the utter laugh riot over at
Whiskey Fire, where dolt-douchebag Thers claims "that this is a damned disciplined protest." Yo, Einstein, getting up close and personal with screams of "F*ck you" in the face of a Wisconsin state legislator is not "disciplined." It's by definition mob rule. But it gets even better still. It turns out that Senator Grothman went on MSNBC last night and rebuked the filthy dirtbag protesters as a bunch of slobs:

And notice how Democrat State Representative Cory Mason responds with "these are police officers and firefighters and nurses and people who keep us safe." Yeah, and he might have mentioned officers from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections who harass citizen journalists with whistleblowing while their allied union thugs knock video cameras to the ground (toward the end of the clip):

Bunch of socialist scumbags.

At Althouse, "
'You are a person against all of us. The whole nation is looking at you." — says an old woman with a "Solidarity" sign who gets right up in Meade's face...' (via Memeorandum). See also Hot Air and Legal Insurrection, "More Police Insurrection In Madison."


Marathon Pundit said...

The Rockford, IL park where the Tea Party Expresss held a rally in April was spotless after it ended.