Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Progressives Mount All-Out Attack on King Hearings

I've said it before, but I'm sometimes ashamed to call progressives my fellow Americans. They simply don't represent American values, and in fact they're working to subvert them, and weaken the country. Case in point today is the despicable rationalization against Rep. Peter King's hearings on domestic radical Islam: "As King Targets Muslims, There Have Been Almost Twice As Many Plots Since 9/11 From Non-Muslim Terrorists." Domestic terrorism cases, no matter the background, are serious matters. Yet statistically, the list doesn't serve Think Progress very well. Sixty-seven of the alleged attacks cited are by "right-wing extremists" and "KKK/NeoNazi/White Supremacist." Five of the alleged plots were mounted by "unknown" assailants. Three were mounted by "Christian Extremists/Anti-Abortion" activists, and two were "by anti-immigrant extremists." Finally there was one attack by an "anti-Semitic extremist" and an anarchist, Joseph D. Konopka, who was identified by the FBI as a "lone wolf" terrorist. No doubt neo-Nazis and KKK terrorists are bad actors, but I'm not seeing much here that rivals the barbarous scale of Islamist jihad, which time after time has shown its relentless and implacable campaign to murder Americans on a scale equal or greater to September 11, 2001.

Jawa Report offers more on the absurdity of Think Progress:
Muslims are thought to be about .08% of the total US population. Cross Worshipers, pardon me I've been hanging with too many Muslims, are about 85% with Jews and heathens representing the rest (just kidding).

Of course lumped in with Christians are the "lost"who just happen to live in a Christian nation. Do you really believe that 98 percent of the French are devout? Muslims don't make that distinction. Born Muslim, you are Muslim, axe murderer or not. Kind of like being French.

So that means that one third of all incidents come from a small minority of a small minority of 8/10 of one percent of the folks out there.

And you're telling me you want to brag on these statistics? I'm all for skin head hearings, gang hearings, Mexican drug cartel hearing as well if you like.

Wait a minute? Don't we have those already? We do? So why not one about Islamic radicalization?
Think Progress updates its report with the news of today's arrest of the suspect in the Spokane bomb plot, who is alleged to be a member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

Of course there's no mention at the Soros-funded smear-site of Mohamed Mahmood Alessa and Carlos Eduardo Almonte,
who pleaded guilty in New Jersey last week to plotting attacks on non-Muslims in the United States. The men were caught last year as they were boarding planes bound for Egypt. They admitted plans to join with al-Shabaab, a virulent al Qaeda branch in Somalia.

Religion of Peace for more on these folks ("List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months"), and at FrontPage Magazine, "King Hysteria Grips the Left."