Saturday, March 5, 2011

Queers for Palestine Party to End Apartheid!

Talk about FUBAR. It doesn't get more screwed than international Israel Anti-Apartheid week, but New York's Israel-bashing clowns have the goods on the new low of lows. Turns out that tonight was supposed to be an epic anti-Israel night at NYC's LGBT Community Center. But the gay Jew-bashers got cancelled. The center's director, Glennda Testone, issued a statement: "MESSAGE FROM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, GLENNDA TESTONE ON DECISION TO CANCEL SIEGE BUSTERS WORKING GROUP ROOM RESERVATION":
Upon receiving feedback from a number of Center members and constituents with a variety of opinions on this event, the Center had to consider how renting space to this particular group was interfering with our primary focus of service to the LGBT community. The group is not LGBT-focused, nor was the event focused on LGBT people or issues. As a non-LGBT issue began to distract from our core mission, we asked the group to move the event. As for the status of the group going forward, we have decided not to rent space to the group for the same reasons.
So now the "Seige-Busters" Anti-Apartheid organizers are holding a protest against the LGBT Center itself:


  • Stand up for anti-Occupation queers, Palestinian queers and self-determination!
  • Stand up for the right to organize against the Israeli occupation!
  • The LGBT Center belongs to all of us. Safe space for queers and ideas, not for donors!

Bring noise and glamor to take back our community's home

There's background at Gothamist, "Pro-Palestine Group Protesting Outside LGBT Center," and Village Voice, "'Party to End Israeli Apartheid!' Still On at Gay Center, Activists Vow, But With Picketing, Not Dancing."

I'll check for news of the protest, but seriously, I guess progressive Jew-hating homosexuals have to act up just to act up! Ironic how they're not protesting the real anti-gay governments of the Mideast:



Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor said...

I think this is horrible postmodern absurdity. Israel is an extention of the West--with all its post countercultural destruction. The Mohammedans that rationally want to uphold themselves - amidst a mickey mouse state - are far from being foul. All is not as it seems though, many rulers in the east enjoy the seduction of western popular culture, as their subjects cannot wait for the westerm t.v. show to give them a role.