Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Advertisers Ditch 'Wonkette' After Diabolical Attack on Trig Palin

You have to check Robert Curlin's Twitter page, which is lighting up with tweets and re-tweets about major advertisers pulling their ads from the despicable left-wing blog, Wonkette.

See Weazel Zippers, "Über-Classy: Liberal Website Relentlessly Mocks Palin’s Son With Downs Syndrome – Update: Papa Johns, Huggies Pull Their Ads From Wonkette…"

And NewsBusters, "Liberal Website Wonkette Disgracefully Attacks Trig Palin On His Third Birthday" (via Memeorandum).

And for the record: This is not an aberration. This is not an anomaly. Try denial as they might, progressives simply can't get around this, for this is what they do.

God help them.

ADDED: From Glenn Reynolds, "EVEN TODAY, AND EVEN FOR WONKETTE, THERE ARE LINES. Wonkette crossed one. Now people are boycotting advertisers."


Phocion said...

I encourage all Leftist like WONKETTE to just keep on doing these kinds of things. It is just so helpful to the Left for people to see them as they really are.
I love this stuff and these kinds of actions. The more they alienate the better.
NOTE: The speech by the 14 year old girl who spoke in Madison, Wisconsin is on Althouse's site and clearly demonstrates the differences between the Left and the rest of us. This is a very thoughtful young woman and makes people like WONKETTE look like the dregs that they show themselves to be.