Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rep. Allen West Won't Be Intimidated

Progressives just aren't too bright of late. At some point, even the Democrat-Media-Complex reports this stuff, and it's getting pretty bad.

Javier Manjarres has the report, at The Shark Tank, "Allen West- “You’re Not Going to Intimidate Me”, Heckler Arrested at Townhall":

RELATED: At The Other McCain, "Former Air America Host Arrested After Heckling Rep. Allen West at Town Hall." (Via Memeorandum.)


Bruce Hall said...

You have the right to be loud and obnoxious. You have the right to disrupt the peaceful assembly of others. You have the right to attempt to prevent elected officials from speaking to their constituents. You have the right to obstruct democratic processes. You have the right to be arrested on camera.

Your rights end when you attempt to deny others their rights... something not understood by those who believe their rights outweigh the rights of others.

Dennis said...

Ah, the smell of desperation in the morning. The only reason that the Left is attacking Allen West is because he's black and they are racists. This is fun using the Left's own words to ridicule them.
Mao stated, "In advantage lies the seeds of disadvantage........." and it does appear that the Left has sown too many seeds.

Dennis said...

I have to say I really like Allen West. He is an example of the many fine black and minority NCOs and Officers I had the pleasure of serving with. It is good to see them taking their place in the leadership of this country. A number of them were my friends and mentors and added immensely to my life.
Kudos Mr West.