Saturday, April 16, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Slams Progressives at Madison Tea Party!

What a combination!

Andrew Breitbart introducing Sarah Palin. Come to think of it, he introduced her when I saw Palin in the O.C., and he gets better each time:

Via Gateway Pundit, "ANDREW BREITBART Confronts the Angry TrumkaObama Leftist Mob, “You Can Go to Hell! Go to Hell!”"

And don't miss James Pethokoukis, "Palin in Madison: Veni, Vidi, Vici":
Will she run? Even many of those close to Team Palin have no idea. Palin herself may not have made a decision and may not feel she needs to until the autumn. But as it stands, she arguably represents the purest expression out there of Tea Party passion and free-market populist rejection of Washington’s bipartisan crony capitalism. If she ran, her high-wattage appearance in Madison shows just how dangerous her candidacy would be to a field of solid but stolid opponents.
RTWT at the link.

Also at New York Times, "Palin Speaks at Tea Party Rally in Madison." And lots more at Memeorandum.