Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stanley Ann Dunham's 'Naughty Mama' Pics Left Out of New York Times Report, 'Obama's Young Mother Abroad'

Here's this at the New York Times (via Memeorandum):
The president’s mother has served as any of a number of useful oversimplifications. In the capsule version of Obama’s life story, she is the white mother from Kansas coupled alliteratively to the black father from Kenya. She is corn-fed, white-bread, whatever Kenya is not. In “Dreams From My Father,” the memoir that helped power Obama’s political ascent, she is the shy, small-town girl who falls head over heels for the brilliant, charismatic African who steals the show. In the next chapter, she is the naïve idealist, the innocent abroad. In Obama’s presidential campaign, she was the struggling single mother, the food-stamp recipient, the victim of a health care system gone awry, pleading with her insurance company for cover­age as her life slipped away. And in the fevered imaginings of supermarket tabloids and the Internet, she is the atheist, the Marx­ist, the flower child, the mother who abandoned her son or duped the newspapers of Hawaii into printing a birth announcement for her Kenyan-born baby, on the off chance that he might want to be president someday.
Also, some perhaps not-so fevered Internet imaginings, at The Astute Bloggers, "Naughty Obama Mamma."

That said, Janny Scott wrote a commendable piece, drawn on her new book, A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother.


LL said...

Maybe the reason he gravitated to the alcoholic father (providing that the biological father isn't Frank Davis) that he met once or twice is because his mother was a whore and he felt bad about it.

Who can enter a mind like Obama's?