Monday, April 18, 2011

Palestinian Teens Arrested in West Bank Fogel Family Massacre

I saw this first at William Jacobson's, "Fogel Family Murderers Captured."

Also at Joshua Pundit, "Fogel Family's 'Palestinian' Murderers And Their Accomplices Arrested," and Uncoverage, "Two Palestinian Teenagers Arrested for Murders of Israeli Family of Five."

And see John Hayward, at Human Events, "West Bank Killers Captured":
The murder of the Fogel family was an invisible atrocity, reported in very muted tones by the global media despite (or, more accurately, because of) its lurid savagery. Udi and Ruth Fogel were a young couple with sons Yoav and Elad, aged 11 and 4, plus a three-month-old baby daughter named Hadas. They were “settlers,” which means “people who live in parts of Israel where terrorists say Jews are forbidden to live.” The family was slaughtered with guns and knives. Their 12-year-old daughter Tamar was away from the house on the night of the massacre ...

Today is the beginning of Passover, when Jews remember the night when the Angel of Death walked the streets of Egypt, passing over Jewish homes, which had been marked with the blood of lambs. The Angel of Death has been making up for lost time with the Jews ever since. These days, the blood of lambs flows from the open veins of children. The “civilized” world finds many excuses to ignore their murders, and grows colder in the process.