Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kung Fu Fighting Composer Rejects Allegations of RAAAAACISM!!

You can't make this stuff up!

Blazing Cat Fur has the background, and at London's Daily Mail, "Racist? My song's just a blend of East and West, says Kung Fu Fighting composer":

Yesterday the song’s writer and original performer Carl Douglas described the decision to arrest Mr Ledger as ‘political correctness gone mad’ because the song was not racist.

‘The arrest is a little unbelievable because there’s no racism in the song,’ Douglas, who is now 68, said. ‘It’s very strange indeed. ‘I’m very proud of the song. Everyone told me that a fusion of the west and east couldn’t work and I said “no, it can”. I have cousins that are Chinese in Jamaica, so I knew it could work.’

He said he has met thousands of Chinese fans of the hit and had even been asked to perform it at the Olympics in Beijing.


Opus #6 said...

I always loved the song.

Dennis said...

One can expect more of this as the election moves closer. It is a sign of desperation. The Left has not figured out that the "Race" card has been maxed out. One day soon one of them will try and use it and will find themselves facing legal action from someone who is a private person who will take the time and effort to "TRACE" the IP.

tyreea said...

One of my favorite Comic Book moments was when Mary Jane Watson said to Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider Man, "Come on Peter, let's dance, they are playing our song." In a thought cloud the puzzled Peter replied, "When did "Kung Fu Fighting" become "Our Song"?"

Racist? No. Dangerous, yes. There were a significant number of injuries reported in night clubs when people started to do the Kung Fu Fighting Dance.