Friday, April 22, 2011

Inside Job: More Than Half of Democrats Believed George W. Bush Was Complicit in September 11 Attacks

It's the mother of all conspiracy theories. As Ben Smith reports, in 2006 a majority of Democrats believed President Bush had a hand in the September 11th attacks, "More than half of Democrats believed Bush knew" (via Memeorandum).

Pure evil. There's no other word for it.

But Democrats are evil, so no surprise there (or at least the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Democrats are evil, and their base, folks who are working their hardest to destroy America).




Bartender Cabbie said...

The members of the Democratic(ic) party I personally know do not think such nonsense but I grant you that there are some ridiculously stupid mofos out there who honestly believe that our govt attacked us.Such stupidity is hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

OMG, the blonde woman with the shades is from my town. She is both a conservative Republican and an Alex Jones "Obama Deception" type. But she is also wildly obsessed with 9/11 trutherism. Go figure.

William Teach said...

I love the way the Libs at the Ben Smith article are freaking out, calling him names, saying he has gone to the Right, saying it is all BS, then sounding forth with their Twoofer talking points.

TonyPV said...

That is a good comparison for supporters believing a crazy and baseless conspiracy as a veneer for their base hatred of an opponent. Much like Bill Clinton's kill list and him being Mena's drug kingpin.

Nutbags, they're bipartisan.

But imagine how ridiculous that party would be if they fielded a candidate that made that a core talking point in their campaign. And they were leading polls.
That's where one side outshines the other.

Anonymous said...

What's so heartbreaking is that the girl behind the yellow "Defend our Republic" banner is soooooo hot. What a waste.

Dana said...

Anonymous: She ain't that hot, not with that blank look on her face.

Dana said...

And Dr D, I used the article on my site! :)

Anonymous said...

9-11 truth is particularly prominent among populists and libertarians...people who could be labelled far left, centre-left, centrist, centre-right, far right, none of the above, etc., but who nonetheless do not fit into the narrow two-party system. A lot of them are right-wingers.

Stupidity, however, is believing the conspiracy theory that a man with kidney dialysis planned the attacks from a cave in the most backward country on earth using Saudis who got their visas in the CIA-controlled Jeddah consulate (but nobody knew), were partly kept up on US bases (but nobody knew), were Islamic fundamentalists but also addicted to drugs and hookers, failed flight school but flew incredibly professional manoeuvres, caused huge steel structures to pancake via a little fuel fire, also causing WTC7 to fall straight down 7 hours later with a pre-announcement from the BBC. This is not to mention that in this conspiracy theory, some conspirators' passports were "found" unharmed amidst all the 911 chaos, and the steel debris was shipped off to China ASAP.

Stupidity is believing a conspiracy theory that was simply announced on the morning of 911 like a script, without any evidence. Barbarity is trusting the State to the point you think you can torture and execute the accused without the need of a trial.

Let's see if that makes it through the censor.