Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barack Obama's Transcripts

I think I mentioned this some time back, after attending the David Horowitz West Coast Retreat. One of the very best talks was by Victor Davis Hanson. He said he didn't really care so much about the birther controversy, but the lack of information on President Obama's academic record should be a big deal. And VDH recycles the theme in a discussion of Obama's fiscal policy postmodernism:
The president is cynical and says whatever he wishes without worry of consequences, because based on the past abyss between laurels and achievement (Harvard Law Review, offer of Chicago Law School tenure, record in the Senate, Nobel Prize, etc.), he feels exempt from scrutiny and audit. Indeed, he expects that he can always “hope and change” or “millions of green jobs” his way out of any rare, nit-picking journalistic follow-up. (A journalist will always declare him a “god” even if speech A nullifies speech B a day later).
Now here's Ace of Spades reporting on Obama's pick as editor of Harvard Law Review:
Obama may have had outstanding grades and may have earned every inch of the Law Review and magna honors. But the fact that his grades are kept as state secrets, while only the honors themselves are mentioned, makes me think we're looking at C+/B- situation here.
And Donald Trump's on the case:


Dennis said...

I suspect the Obama people think this and the birth certificate is a winning issue for them. The more this goes on the more it will resonate and transfer itself to all things Obama.
There will come a point, which I think has almost been reached, where nothing the Obama cadre produces will have validity. Leading the parade from the back is always a losing position. Trying for a GOTCHA only works if it happens in a timely manner. Hesitation leads to reservation about the quality of character and leadership.
A death by a thousand cuts is still a death.

Dennis said...

Trump's value is that he seems to have the ability to "hurt" Obama with a certain amount of impunity. If they go after Trump in any way other than through discrediting him Trump has them looking like Chicago thugs.
Republicans just need to stay out of his way and stick to Conservative principles. The more time, money and effort Obama has to spend defending himself from Trump the less that is available for other things.
Unlike the MSM meme that this hurts Republicans, the real person and party being hurt is Obama and the Democrats.