Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because Communists on Campus Are Figments of the Imagination

I'm not exactly sure if it's denial, or simply defining communism down. Probably a bit of both, but it could also be actual ignorance. At communist Henry Farrell's Crooked Timber, for example:
There’s a few Marxists left in academia (like me, although being in math what parent would notice or care…?) but in all honesty the idea that someone’s kids could be indoctrinated into communism is sadly even" more absurd now than it was then. Anyway I’d guess that in 1951 there were even fewer communists on campus than today – the Legion didn’t need actual examples to create the spectre of the (Jewish, as has been mentioned) communist undermining the moral and character of American youth.
Folks should check the whole post for the context.

And then check the videos at Big Journalism, "Taking Bets On Whether the Media Will Cover Marxist Union Instruction," and Robert Stacy McCain, "Why Aren’t You Homeschooling Yet?"

Lots of communists on my campus, which I've documented many times, and will continue to do so.

RELATED: An event announcement from UCLA, "Intellectual Terrorism: The Left's War on Free Speech":
Bruin Republicans present...
Intellectual Terrorism: The Left's War on Free Speech
with David Horowitz
Featuring invited guest: Academy Award Winner, Jon Voight
Wednesday, May 11 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm


Dave said...

98% of government-screwed America wouldn't know a commie if their fat ass was run over by one in a motorized cart at their local wal-Mart.