Monday, April 25, 2011

More From Las Vegas!

I took my youngest son to "Shark Reef" at Mandalay Bay. I love that place. And my son's still a few months short of his 10th birthday, so he's still endlessly fascinated by animals and nature. We had a great time. The photos are okay, but what the heck? They're worth sharing.

The jellyfish exhibit:



My kid really liked the Komodo dragon. We got all the way to the end the facility, to the "ship wreck" shark tank, and he wanted to go back up to see the Komodo! And he made sure to justify it, since we somehow missed the python exhibit, which we then noticed was right next to the dragon. Hanging with my kid's a riot:


He liked the piranhas too. Big suckers:


Everybody loves sharks:

Mandalay Bay

But the sawfish was another one of my son's favorites. This shot's blurry because the sawfish swims up over the top of the glass after skimming along the bottom. He surprises you, unlike the sharks, who just kinda hover around:

Mandalay Bay

Walking back out to find my wife, who hit the casino and then the Red, White and Blue restaurant, here's the "beach" at Mandalay Bay, which features a wave pool:


There's a tram that takes you back to the Excalibur Hotel, and then a skywalk leads back over to New York New York, and then MGM Grande. A view of the interesection:


We always have fun, but this was our first time staying at MGM and I'm completely sold. An excellent experience all around. I'll have another update on this later ...


Jan said...

Well, I like reading about your family outing, and enjoy the photos, too..but you'd better watch out, know how certain ones just can't stand the fact that you are a moral, family man, who loves hanging out with his wife and kids, so it might tarnish your mean old ogre image :)

I'm glad you and the family are having a great time...and thanks for sharing!

Dave said...

Great pics, Dr. D.

Glad to see that you and your family are having such a great time.