Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: Obama 'Doubles Down on His Failures'

Great discussion, via Ann Althouse.

Ann focuses on the critical legal studies bit, but I like this part, highlighted:

Here's the thing. If Obama is so smart, isn't two and a half years enough time to figure out it isn't working? That is if his intentions are honorable, if he really wants a growing economy, if he really wants new jobs, isn't two and a half years of this ridiculousness enough to show that it's not the right way to do it? Isn't two and a half years enough time to realize that you're on the wrong path? Hint: This is why some of us believe all this is on purpose. There's no indication of smartness in anything he tries to do. He doubles down on his failures. Now, speaking of Obama's academic record, he attended Harvard Law School at the height of something that it was promoting, education technique or a theory. It was called critical legal studies. Critical legal studies was in its ascendancy at Harvard Law when Obama was there. You can look it up. Just Google critical legal studies. It is out and out Marxism.
Ann's got the link to the transcript.

And Rush seems a bit late on this. I wrote on Obama's critical legal framework during campaign 2008, when his University of Chicago law seminar syllabi were released, "Professor Obama's Radical Syllabus":
By training and profession, he's a social deconstructionist comfortably embedded in the lifestyle of oppositional legal and political culture. He has carefully navigated the waters of legal academe and municipal machine politics to carve out an outwardly non-confrontational demeanor, while on the inside he's informed by post-material, postmodern activist priorities, and his possible accession to the presidency would bring to power an occupant in the Oval Office dramatically unlike any of those who have come before.