Monday, April 25, 2011

Rachel Maddow is Definitely Not an 'Autocutie' a Cutie

She's a lying progressive lesbian dirtbag, at London's Guardian, "Rachel Maddow: 'I'm definitely not an autocutie' (via Memeorandum). (A really crappy piece of pseudo-journalism. See Jammie, "Newsflash: Rachel Maddow 'The Top US News Anchor', MSNBC Has 'No Political Agenda'".)



JBW said...

Maddow's the smartest reporter on TV right now, thanks for the link to the article, Don.

And I really hope you get over your problems with gay people someday. The prospect that you're raising your boys to think the same way about teh gays is indeed a disturbing one. Hopefully they'll merely consider you an anachronistic dinosaur like most others of their generation. Cheers.

AmPowerBlog said...

She's a liar, JBW. A lying lesbian, if you insist, you poofter.

JBW said...

Thanks for making my point for me, Don: I don't insist; you do. You're a bigot. A black bigot, if you insist. See how that works?

And if you're gonna call me names why not just come right out and call me a "faggot"? It's no more accurate a description than "poofter" but at least you'd be honest about your homophobia (my previous remarks about your raising your sons not withstanding).

AmPowerBlog said...

It's a joke, JBW. But I remember a while back when I called you out for for linking to the "A" campaign that you went ballistic in denying you weren't gay. Actually, I still think you have a thing for Alex teh Gay, NTTAWWT!!

JBW said...

Yeah, see, that's kind of the thing: when you have an admitted history of aggressively intimating that people you don't like are gay it's hard to tell you're joking when you... intimate that someone you don't like is gay. NTTAWblahblah.

So a joke, huh? I gets you, yo! You be droppin' dem madfunny queer jokes like dey was bombs, kid! And den you all like, "Nu'in' wrong wit liken da mofo dick, playah!" an dat be funny cuz bein' queer is all fucked up, son! No homo, yo, no homo! And so on.

Sorry, my slang isn't as lame as yours so it's probably not as funny as when you do it but I'm trying to meet you halfway. Yo.

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: You're being played, mofo.

And please don't embarrass yourself with that, er, slang. (My dad was really black. He really did talk shit like dat. And you be one sorry imitation of a mean Mr. Charlie, yo!)

JBW said...

Heh, talk about the pot calling the kettle not-black. Again you make my point for me: you grew up with a black dad, you have no excuse for your embarrassing inability to talk street (I threw the "mofo" in there just for you; being an adult, I say "motherfucker").

I think there's an irony black hole around here someplace. Wait, irony "black" hole? Oops, I did it again. NTTAWWT! Right?

AmPowerBlog said...

That's why I keep you around, JBW! Thanks for the lulz, OMG you da best, bro! Don't stop commenting, seriously. Alex teh Gay loves you!!

JBW said...

See, now you're starting to laugh. And you "keep me around" because even your buttboy Dennis has for the most part stopped posting his tired rambling comments here. This place is boring!

"The butch lesbian on MSNBC isn't pretty." Wow, stunning insight, Professor. Why don't you post some more voyeuristic video of a sports reporter or try to pick a fight with some feminists or explain again why Bigfoot hates the Jews. Go with your strengths.

Wait... What's that behind you? Oh my god, look out! COMMUNISTS!!! Ha, just kidding. I'm serious about the boring though.

AmPowerBlog said...

I'd say you're a pseudo intellectual with something to prove, but sadly, you're a caricature of even that. I never said "The butch lesbian on MSNBC isn't pretty." I think she's an attractive woman, actually. I just hate liars, and lesbos are almost progressives to the one, which makes her even more pathetic. Like you, come to think of it, an ideologically confused wannabe big thinker who claims anarcho-libertarian values but ritualistically defends big government to the death. How do you say, er, worldview fail.

Being an unmarried wayward lost boy with father hunger must be painful, I know. But you didn't want to address the issues back in the day, so wtf?

And hey, I own the Sasquatch gaffe. Just waiting for the Dems to come out as the commies they truly are.

Toodles, JBW. You're pedestrianism is always entertaining.

P.S. Dennis just thanked me today for all I do, like many readers. And hey, nice blog you got over (not). Susanna Logan's married now, but not to a loser like you. Nice try though.

JBW said...

Yeah, I was paraphrasing you. When you title a post "Rachel Maddow is Definitely Not a Cutie" accompanied by an unflattering Photoshopped picture of the woman one would assume that you were casting aspersions on her looks. My bad, maybe you were just speaking some more of that hip slang you enjoy oh so much and I just misunderstood.

I won't waste time comparing your intelligence to mine or Maddow's, because there's no need.

"Address the issues back in the day"? I love not having a wife and my old man's dead; life is sweet. There: addressed.

And by "own the Sasquatch gaffe" do you mean deleting the picture and paragraph from your post without documenting or acknowledging the change there whatsoever? As you say, it's been a while since I've blogged but try as I might I don't remember a "memory hole" button on my Blogger dashboard. It's OK, it'll live on here. Now tell me again how much you hate liars.

Yeah, I saw Sweetits got married. She found someone who's as big a Jesus freak as she is. A pastor even, just like her old man. It seems there's no end to the daddy issues around here today, huh? Did Charlie touch you in a "bad place"? And as I've said, of all the things I'd like to do to her getting married was never one of them.

P.S. Congrats on spelling "pedestrianism" correctly; the odds were against it. And you only misspelled "Suzanna" by one letter. Nice try though.

AmPowerBlog said...

Spelling trolls are assholes, apparently, as your buddy RacistRepsac3 likes to point out. Of course, you're an asshole spelling corrections or not, and, gosh, you make it look so easy. Winning!

Don't change, JBW. You be da best, brah!

Sasquatch went viral on the intertubes, JBW. My condolences that you didn't get the credit you so rightly deserve. I guess that's why you quit blogging, since nobody --- and I mean absolutely nobody --- gives a poor boy like you a second look. Too bad too. You may indeed have talent lurking beneath that resentment, son.


JBW said...

I said "congrats"... And "don't change" and "winning!"? Is there anything else I've said to you that you'd like to parrot back to me? Talk about pedestrian.

Ohhhh, so if something goes viral that makes it OK to delete it from your original post without acknowledging the change. I wonder how many actual big time successful bloggers (you know, not like you and me) would agree with that policy? Or would say that it in any way constitutes "owning" it? Do you think they hate liars too?

While I would have loved to have had my name more firmly attached to Sasquatch Israel I'm much happier that yours is, and that so many gave it a second look. You deserve it.

And I prefer to mix my talent and resentment into the rhetorical cocktail of mocking cynicism that I'm enjoying with you tonight. Now call me son and try insulting me again with another of your clumsy parries, Clown Shoes.

AmPowerBlog said...

You're such a victim, JBW. Resentful sumbitch too. Is that parroty enough for you?

Hint: Clown shoes just sounds stupid, JBW. Might as well call me Sambo while you're at it.

AmPowerBlog said...

Oh, and JBW, sorry, but that "were just a couple of lowly bloggers" doesn't fly. You quit blogging. I'm a top 100 blogger by various measures. I don't care either way, but I remember you whining about not getting any traffic all the time. Face it, you really suck. Wallow in pain. I don't care. And you know what, I like saying that. All you do is sling insults but never reason or facts. You're a loser sonny boy.

Toodles ... go jump start that blog and see if you can work up something decent and we'll talk about actual big time successful bloggers. And use your real name for once, sheesh.

JBW said...

The "victim" shit?

Absofuckinglutly that's enough for me, my friend! You're the biggest victim I know outside of Sarah Palin and Jesus Christ! Way to represent, Chubs!

And "Clown Shoes" is meant to imply the ridiculousness of your position and existence, chief. How you link that as a black slur is beyond me and I would assume, most intelligent adults. But PC bullshit obviously rules the day.

You'll have to forgive me: I haven't read the PC guilt script for white guys dealing with aggriveaved black guys. Please enlighten me as to how guilty I should feel when you scream "RACISMMMM!"

And yeah, I have one of the biggest cocks in the world, "by various measures". I'm sure you do too. Now is when I glance over your various insults. Done.

My sympathies. Signed, Lance Thundercock, PhD. Ya heard?!

Dave said...

Damn, and I'm all out of popcorn, too.


Dave said...

Yeah, that Ritchie Maddow guy is most definitely NASA material:

LOL - I bet Cecil Rhodes is spinning in his grave, as Maddow is bringing the Rhodes Scholarship down to a level more resembling the Putzlicker Prize.