Sunday, April 24, 2011

British Monarchy Tottering

Says John Burns, at New York Times, "A Royal Wedding, a Tarnished Crown":

For years, polls have been showing support for the monarchy running at levels that have made republicanism more than the marginal phenomenon it has been for most of modern times. While many Britons retain a bulletproof affection for the 85-year-old Elizabeth, their support beyond her seems conditional. This is especially so in the case of Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall; they stand first in line to the throne on Elizabeth’s death, but far behind Prince William and Miss Middleton in public preference. A clear majority in the polls favors the younger couple’s jumping past Charles and Camilla and acceding directly to the throne.
RTWT at the link above.

It's no big mystery that if Britons want the monarchy to continue and thrive, William should become king, and right away, not long after the wedding. The couple are perfectly modern, and they can help modernize the institution. Kate's as beautiful as Diana was, and perhaps she might come to be even more popular than Diana in the public's eye. At stake is the Britain the world knows as the preeminent democratic system, with a constitutional monarchy that's the symbol of political continuity. Things just wouldn't be the same should republicanism prevail. Political correctness and multiculturalism have already challenged the basic survival of the British state as it's long been known. Get rid of the monarchy and you can call it a day.


Opus #6 said...

Can they do that? I mean, yes, I prefer William to Charles. But aren't there rules and protocol about these things?

AmPowerBlog said...

Sure, Queen Elizabeth could simply issue a decree. The monarchy's official offices would adjust protocol and that'd be it. Polls show that Charles is well past his prime. Time for William and Kate.

huemaurice7 said...

Opinion polls conducted in the corridors private 'Buckingham Palace'!

Dave said...

Sad what has become of that once great nation.

I read a few weeks ago that they have put their last aircraft carrier on the auction block, and sold its sister ship for scrap.

I wonder if they will put the monarchy up for sale one of these days - assuming their future Islamic masters haven't packed them off to the guillotine by then?

Of course, if we don't do something to very soon take back our completely out-of-control government, we are going to be in a similar boat not too terribly far down the road.