Thursday, April 28, 2011

Michelle Malkin Slams Donald Trump as 'Big Government Fraudster'

It's one hella interview.

I noted this morning, in response to Tavis Smiley's race-baiting, Donald Trump's got "few ties to the tea party." Michelle goes way further, indicating that he's "built his entire empire in defiance of core Tea Party principles."


JBW said...

I actually agree with you and Malkin, Don: Trump's not a tea party candidate (according to their professed principles). But then how do you explain the latest Rasmussen poll?

"Trump is the top choice of likely primary voters who are Tea Party members with 22% support, compared to 16% support among non-members. Romney is the top choice of those who are not members of the grass roots movement."

Why is the "big government fraudster" who has favored a wealth tax and universal health care and has contributed to various Democrats and liberal causes over the years the new darling of the tea party? Why aren't they going gaga over Mitch Daniels, a real fiscal conservative?

I think there are two possible explanations: 1) the tea party is a bunch of easily led populists who will support whichever Republican is on the TV at the time (I think this is the less likely option of the two) or 2) the tea party isn't so much about fiscal conservatism as they are about hating Obama.

The one Republican in the race with a proven record of supporting liberal causes and bigger government is also the guy who's been screaming at the cameras for the past few weeks that Obama isn't really an American and is hiding his otherness from us, thus he passes the tea party test of popularity: Fiscal conservatism be damned, are you anti-Obama enough? The data says that he is. Very telling.