Sunday, April 17, 2011

Protesters Booed the National Anthem at Sarah Palin Rally in Madison?

Freedom Eden has a roundup featuring this video:

But Althouse disagrees, specifying exactly what was happening, "Did the anti-Tea Party protesters boo the national anthem at the Madison rally yesterday?:
I'm seeing some assertions about this on blogs and in YouTube videos, and it's wrong if not unfair and deceptive ...

Meade and I have observed some of the most raucous rallies at the Capitol over the last 2 months, and the national anthem was sung many times, by the protesters themselves, and we witnessed respect for the anthem. In fact, you could go into the rotunda and start singing the anthem and people would go silent and even sing along with real feeling. They might have resented having to switch to solemnity when they were into raucousness, but they knew very well that they had to at least look like they respected the anthem.
Ann says that protesters yesterday were just successful in drowning out everything, and no doubt, especially with hate-addled progressives equipped with vuvuzelas:

Ann wants to be fair, and it helps of course to have been there. That said, Gateway Pundit has this: "TrumkaObama Thugs Scream, Curse, Beat Drums, Blow Whistles & Make Obscene Gestures During Palin’s Wisconsin Speech" (via Memeorandum).

This what democracy looks, or so they say.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

These globalists are of the extreme - as neocons are moderate - despising economic nationalism. They made China what it is today--on purpose.